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Trail Class: True or False – Take the Quiz

Trail class exhibitors enjoy a well-planned course. But there are rules trail designers must consider when they’re putting together the obstacles for trail classes. Do you know those rules?

Take our true/false quiz to test your knowledge and pick up some showing tips for trail classes.

1   True or false? At show management’s discretion, trail courses can use tires to form the back end of a backing obstacle.

2   True or false? The trail course must be posted at least one hour before the class starts.

3   True or false? Every trail course must have at least one set of raised poles to walk over.

4   True or false? The bridge is a mandatory obstacle in trail courses.

5   True or false? Trail patterns should not be constructed to trap a horse or eliminate it by making an obstacle too difficult.

6   True or false? Two or more optional obstacles can be used in combination on an approved trail course.

7   True or false? Course decorations can include seasonal accents such as floating ducks in water boxes.

8   True or false? Ground tying is an optional obstacle.

9   True or false? Trail courses must include five mandatory obstacles.

10 True or false? Backing obstacles can be as narrow as 28 inches.

CLICK HERE to find out the answers and see how you did.