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Knowing When it’s Time to Buy a New Horse with AQHA Professional Horseman Charlie Cole

You thought you’d have moved up to the next level by now. Instead, you’re still struggling to get into the ribbons in a division you’ve been in for years. You’re so frustrated that you don’t want to go to the barn anymore – every time you ride, it seems you’re having a constant argument with your horse. You wonder if he’s really the right horse for you.

AQHA Professional Horsman Charlie Cole of Highpoint Performance Horses in Pilot Point, Texas, is an AQHA Team Wrangler member. He has had numerous successes, including being a four-time AQHA Superhorse trainer and world champion in several events. He also coaches riders and locates horses for them, putting a great deal of effort into finding the right horse for each client. He offers tips on figuring out why your partnership with your horse isn’t working and what you can do about it.

Start With Your Goals

If you’re having difficulties with your horse, begin by reviewing your own riding goals. Where would you like your riding to be in one year, three years or five years? Perhaps you want to rise to the top of your discipline, such as western pleasure, or to learn to cut or rein. Maybe you want to become a good enough rider to take on a young horse one day.

Your individual situation will affect your goals. For instance, an older junior who will soon age out of that division might want to qualify for certain destination events. Your finances and the time you have available to ride also come into play.

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