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Five Exercises to Improve Your Riding Seat and Leg Position

As most of us have experienced, working on your seat and leg is something we can never get too good at! This is a key component to building a strong foundation and applies to all riding disciplines.

Starting at the walk, something to remember to do is to not pull on your horse’s face to balance yourself. When going up and down, it is important to keep your hands in the correct position and not worry about the horse’s face. Working on the horse’s flexion and body position can come at a later time when you are not working specifically on your body.

Listed below are a few simple steps to strengthen your seat and leg.

1. The first step in the series is to rise up in the two-point position.

The phrase “two-point” comes from the two points of contact the rider should have when in this position. A two-point contact lifts the rider’s weight off the horse’s back and puts it down into the rider’s heel and stirrups. The body, by leaning slightly forward, somewhat lightens the weight on the horse’s back and allows the balance point to shift toward the forehand. At this moment, the two nominal points of contact between horse and rider are the rider’s legs. Riders should not be standing up in their stirrups or using their stirrups to balance off of. This is simply rising out of the saddle while tipping the pelvis forward and using your leg strength to keep yourself up in this position. This helps riders find their balance and stay in the middle of their horse. Use this exercise to drive down through your leg and into your heel. Keep in mind, this does not mean to shove your hands forward with no contact with your horse. This is quite the opposite. Riders should shorten their reins to maintain the same contact they had while sitting in the normal position.

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