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Trainer Charity Showmanship at the Fall Color Classic: Recap & Gallery

Cloverdale, IN – A fundraiser trainer showmanship class was the highlight of the show at the exhibitor-favorite APHA circuit, the Michigan Paint Horse Club/Indiana Paint Horse Club’s Fall Color Classic.

This year, the Michigan Paint Horse Club (MPHC) is seeking to fund a Youth Scholarship Fund with the American Paint Horse Foundation. To raise money for this scholarship, MPHC hosted a trainer showmanship event with a few twists.

For this event, trainers were nominated for a small fee and then spectators could bid Calcutta-style on who they thought would be the class winner. Youth members who completed required learning opportunities with judges Rebecca Merchant Halvorson and Kelly Boles Chapman were then made eligible to score the trainer showmanship class. Trainers were encouraged to compete in costume to increase their Form & Effectiveness scores.

20 entries vied for the win as scored by 7 youth judges, and $10,000 was raised for the youth scholarship fund. The winner was Blake Carney. The winning bidder for Blake was Tim and Shannon Gillespie who graciously contributed their winnings back to the scholarship fund.

Overall Placings:

1st – Blake Carney

2nd – Heather Koeman

3rd – Jenny Bluhm

4th – Avery Sinclair

5th – Julie Kristine Tenhouse

6th – James Saubolle

7th – Julie Schmidt

BEST COSTUME: Emily White-Ream

Trainer Showmanship Gallery courtesy of Corrin Hunt Equine Photography.

View a slideshow of the event below: