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Final VS GoodRide Candids from AQHYA World Show

The largest-ever AQHYA World Show is currently underway in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It runs through August 8th. This year the Level 1, 2, and 3 Youth classes are being held at the same show. Last year due to the pandemic, AQHA ran the Level 1 Championship classes at the end of the year concurrent with the AQHA World Show held in November.

Several classes have already been held, including the halter, showmanship, hunter under saddle, and equitation classes. Many exhibitors have been running back in forth to different arenas to make all their classes. Our youth exhibitors have definitely been busy!

GoHorseShow photographer Danielle Long is catching all the sights and sounds from three different arenas this year.

CLICK HERE to view Danielle Long’s VS GoodRide Candids from the AQHYA World Show.