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Miranda Mitten Buys Multiple World Champion Extremely Good Stuff from Lauren Stanley

Congratulations to Miranda Mitten of Orange County, California on purchasing Extremely Good Stuff, well known as “Rooster” from Lauren Stanley. This multiple World Champion was owned by Lauren Stanley of Visalia, California.

The 2013 red roan gelding won the 2018 AQHA World Championship in Junior Trail with Bruce Vickery. Last year, Stanley was also awarded the Amateur All-Around at the AQHA World Show, as well as winning the Amateur Horsemanship and was Reserve World Champion in the Amateur Showmanship with Rooster.

“Rooster is unlike any horse I’ve ever owned before,” Stanley shared. “He is kind, willing, and oh so athletic. He has been the perfect show partner, helping make all of my dreams come true. When I heard Miranda was looking for something special, I knew she would be the perfect fit for Rooster.” Stanley continues, “I’m super sad, but also at peace. I know they will take just as good care of him as I did and love him, too.”

Mitten and Stanley, both from California, grew up showing together, which Lauren says makes this matchup even more special. “I’ve always admired Miranda’s love for her horses and her uncanny ability to find the perfect spot in the trail pen. I’m really excited to watch them tackle those courses together,” Stanley says.

Miranda told us that she set up a time with Lauren to ride Rooster at this year’s NSBA World Show. “We went out into a far pen, where we didn’t think there would be as many people around. We kept everything pretty on the down-low until we had everything finalized. I was nervous when I rode him, but I absolutely loved him. He’s a dream to ride; he’s so smooth.”

Mitten adds, “Lauren and I have been showing horses together since we were 12 or 13 back in California, so we’ve known each other a long time. I lost my horse (Sudden Persuasion, pictured left) about a month ago unexpectedly, who I absolutely adored,” Mitten sadly remembers. “Anyone who knows me, knows how much he meant to me. He was an angel of a horse, and I knew filling that void would be really hard to do, and it would have to be a really special horse, which I undoubtedly think Rooster is. Lauren knew I’d give Rooster a lot of love and take great care of him, as I did with Percy which I think makes the transition a little bit easier.” 

Stanley ended her last ride on Rooster on a high note. “My favorite win with Rooster came at this year’s NSBA World Championship Show. In our final outing together, Rooster gave me the best ride we’ve ever had together in the Equitation. When he trotted in, his ears were perked, and I knew he was enjoying every stride out there. It helped me to embrace the moment and to really go for it. When we walked out, I knew no matter the outcome, it was a privilege to be his partner. When we were named World Champions, I felt a sense of peace and knew he saved the best for last for me. It was so fun to go out like that and be able to hand over the reins to Miranda in proper Rooster fashion.”

Rooster was not only a show horse for Stanley, she also wrote three children’s books about him – Rooster Tackles a Triathlon, The Neighbors Moove In, and Rooster The Red Roany Pony.

“Rooster is special because he’s touched so many young children’s lives with his book,” Stanley told us. “He was the perfect angel to take to local horse clubs and allow the kids the pet him as we read his book and had them ask him questions. Those memories I will cherish forever.”

Mitten says she plans on showing him in the all-around events under the guidance of John and Jill Briggs of Pilot Point, Texas. “I haven’t shown the showmanship for seven years or so, but I plan on picking that event back up here in the near future,” says Mitten.

Miranda concludes her thoughts telling us, “I’d like to thank, first and foremost, the Lord for letting this seamlessly fall into my lap and allowing me to wake up every day and do what I love to do. Secondly, to Lauren and her entire family for making this dream a reality and, most importantly, to my family and my support system. Without any of them, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Congratulations Miranda! We look forward to seeing this new team in the future.