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VS GoodRide Candids from The Keystone Showdown

On their 10th anniversary, The Keystone Showdown was back and better than ever. Having to cancel last year due to the COVID pandemic, everybody was all smiles and happy to see it return this year. It has been the Number 1 Novice show for the past several years. The large class sizes, multiple drawings, and awards were a hit with all exhibitors.

Every year, It has been held in Centre Hall, PA, at the Grange Park Fair and Equine facility. The show hosted competitors from across the country. The judges for the show included Valerie Kearns, Carla Wennberg, Justene Testa, Michael Jung, Robbin Jung, Shawn Hays, and Scott Neuman. There was an all Level 1 Show plus five sets of points in four days.

“The Keystone Showdown was an excellent show!” says Amateur Competitor Ali Hubbell, who also is a photographer and graciously took candids for us at the show. “The staff had the showing running great this year. The schedule allowed everyone to show at a decent hour for the most part and still enjoy being there, especially the exhibitor party on Friday evening. This show is a must if you’re on the East Coast. Great numbers, stunning fairgrounds, and a lot of fun.”

CLICK HERE to view the candids sponsored by VS GoodRide and kindly taken by Ali Hubbell Photography