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Halter Horse Training: Your Space, My Space – with Jason Smith

Whether you call it “shouldering in,” “crowding the handler” or “falling into you,” it’s a habit that needs to be stopped. AQHA Professional Horseman Jason Smith of Whitesboro, Texas, has trained hundreds of halter horses to lead politely. Whether you’re leading your horse in a show class or leading him from the barn to the trailer, he needs manners. Jason has some advice on teaching your horse to respect your personal space.

The Right Place to Learn

When you have a horse that’s shouldering in on you, you can’t correct it at a horse show. It needs to be worked on at home.

The first time you work with a horse, you need to be in a confined area like an arena or a fenced-in pen, especially with a young animal. If for some reason something happens and the horse gets away from you, you don’t want to be out in the open.

The Handler’s Space

First, you have to understand that your space is from about the ear back to the withers, so you should be standing right behind the poll or toward the middle part of the neck. You want to be no farther than a foot away from the horse, in that space.

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