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Horse Show Tack Rooms: 13 Budget-Friendly Hacks

If you’re of a certain age, you might not know what a “hack” is, but simply put, it’s a creative way to manage things and maybe save you some money along the way. This is a list of my favorite horse show hacks for organizing tack rooms and stall areas.


1. Power up: Portable power strip surge protectors are must-haves for horse shows these days. I like the FlePow power strip that comes with a 5-foot cord (so it will reach those oddly placed outlets), multiple USB ports, and two power outlets. See hack No. 9 for an easy way to hang them up. You’ll be able to charge all your devices and still have an outlet for your clippers.

2. Kick the Bucket: Don’t use the typical 20-quarter bucket for your horse’s water. It’s far easier to stuff a muck-sized bucket in a corner. You’ll fill up once a day, maybe less, and you won’t have to check water levels constantly. We recommend the big buckets from the discount store. They’re cheap and light.

3. Clamp It Down: We’re not talking binder clips. We’re talking about the big, industrial-size spring clamps that you buy at home improvement stores. These work great for holding things in place like stall curtains and that wayward whiteboard that keeps falling down.

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