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Top AQHA Shows in 2020

Here are your top AQHA shows and circuits in 2020.

During 2020, the showing industry overcame significant challenges because of shows being canceled or rescheduled due to the worldwide pandemic. Even though some shows were not held as planned, AQHA would still like to take the opportunity to recognize the top AQHA shows and circuits, which were safely hosted in 2020.

Top 10 Overall AQHA Shows:

•FQHA Gold Coast Circuit, Tampa, Florida

•Arizona Sun Country Circuit, Scottsdale, Arizona

•Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association Redbud Spectacular, Oklahoma City

•Stars and Stripes Circuit, Conyers, Georgia

•Big A Circuit, Conyers, Georgia

•Pinnacle Circuit, Scottsdale, Arizona

•Arizona Fall Championship, Scottsdale, Arizona

•FQHA Gulf Coast Circuit, Tampa, Florida

•SOQHA The Madness, Wilmington, Ohio

•OMIQHA Summer Sensation, Springfield, Ohio

Rankings are calculated by dividing the total entries by the number of shows within an event. AQHA show entries for the top-five shows in each category, as well as all AQHA events, will be available in the 2021 AQHA Annual Report. The 2021 AQHA Annual Report will be available soon at

Per SHW245.8, Level 1 competitors, in amateur or youth, may par­ticipate on a non-owned horse in Level 1 amateur or youth classes. The recorded owner retains the same horse’s ability in any class other than the same class as the Level 1 exhibitor. This option is not available to competitors at the top-10 show circuits. For the top-10 show circuits (provided the show accepts per­mits), a Level 1 amateur or Level 1 youth member may apply for up to 10 permits allowing them to compete with one permit per show on a non-owned horse Level 1 classes only. Points earned by Level 1 competitors, whether using permits or not, will count toward the point cap per class for Level 1 eligibility. Applications for permits shall be directed to the AQHA Competition Depart­ment on application forms provided by AQHA, or an application can be filled out at an AQHA-approved show and be granted as AQHA, in its sole discretion, determines. Competitors must have a current amateur or youth membership to participate. All Level 1 rules still apply whether using permits or not.