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NCEA Announced 2020-21 Ariat All-America Teams

WACO, Texas – The National Collegiate Equestrian Association announced the 2020-21 Ariat All-America teams on Thursday.

The top four riders per event were selected and named the Ariat First-Team All-America by the NCEA Selection Committee. The next four riders per event earned Second Team honors. Honorable Mention honorees were selected via the established criteria below.

There shall be no limit on how many riders receive this award, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a 67 percent or higher winning percentage, excluding ties
  • Compete in a minimum of 67% of the team’s NCEA qualifying regular season meets as defined in 9.2.1.
  • Have at least an adjusted NRS score of:
    • 85 for flat
    • 90 for fences
    • 80 for horsemanship
    • 76 for reining

2020-21 Ariat All-America Teams

First Team
Katie Balding, Sweet Briar
Katie Schell, Oklahoma State
Devin Seek, SMU
Taylor St. Jacques, Auburn

Second Team
Alex Beneson, TCU
Emma Kurtz, Auburn
Emma Pacyna, Oklahoma State
Madeline Schaefer, South Carolina

Honorable Mention
Isabella Baxter, TCU
Zoe Kirsch, Delaware State
Meghan Knapic, Auburn
McKayla Langmeier, Auburn
Britt Larson-Jackson, Sweet Briar
Hayley Mairano, Georgia
Ava Stearns, Auburn
Olivia Woodson, SMU

First Team
Caroline Dance, Texas A&M
Rachael Davis, Baylor
Isabelle Heckler, Georgia
Taylor St. Jacques, Auburn

Second Team
Caroline Bald, South Carolina
Abigail Brayman, Oklahoma State
McKayla Langmeier, Auburn
Taylor Madden, SMU

Honorable Mention
Jacey Albaugh, TCU
Katie Balding, Sweet Briar
Ana Bertozzi, Fresno State
Britt Larson-Jackson, Sweet Briar
Emmy Longest, Sweet Briar
Katie Pelzel, Oklahoma State
Ashleigh Scully, TCU
Carly Sweeney, UC Davis
Ali Tritschler, Georgia

First Team
Nya Kearns, SMU
Hayley Riddle, Texas A&M
Taylor Searles, Auburn
Olivia Tordoff, Auburn

Second Team
Deanna Green, Auburn
Anna Hauter, TCU
Harley Huff, Oklahoma State
Jessica McAllister, TCU

Honorable Mention
JoJo Roberson, Oklahoma State
Maddie Spak, Auburn
Mallory Vroegh, SMU
Megan Waldron, SMU

First Team
Boo Kammerer, Auburn
Dani Latimer, SMU
Hannah McDonald, UT Martin
Sloane Vogt, South Carolina

Second Team
Madaline Callaway, Baylor
Mattie Dukes, TCU
Daisy Kaufman, Baylor
Lexee Padrick, Fresno State

Honorable Mention
Abbey Craver, Delaware State
Noel Meadows, UT Martin
Isabelle Riggs, South Dakota State
Cassandra Townsend, South Dakota State