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Dream Come True: Tips on Finding Your Dream Horse

The search to find your dream horse can be a challenging journey. Whether it is your first time looking for a horse, or you’ve gone through this process before, questions may race through your head on how to know when you have found the one. Your match. The perfect partner. That one horse that feels like your one-in-a-million.

The bond that is shared between a rider and the horse is unlike any other and the trust, love, and commitment made between the pair are unmatched. So the question is, how do you ultimately know when you have found your dream horse? We talked with Amateur competitors Kelsey Jung and Emma Brown, who have both had the incredible opportunity to find their dream horse and how they knew their horses were “the one.” We also spoke with multiple APHA World Champion trainer James Saubolle about what he looks for when helping his clients find their ideal equine partner. 


Connection is one of the most important factors when searching for your dream horse. This means that you and the horse understand one another. The horse’s will to please you just comes naturally. Jung said, “Sam (No Boundary/A Painted Selection) and I were the same. We understood each other better than anyone else could. Once we both learned to trust each other through that connection, we were an open book, and from there, we figured out how to be truly successful and a true team.” 

Having the ability to form such a special bond with the horse and create a deep form of trust is one of the main parts of finding your dream horse. Saubolle told us, “When you are building a horse and rider team, I believe the most important element in creating a successful match is a harmonious dynamic between the type of horse, style of rider, and the program for the trainer.” 

Challenges You

Becoming a stronger, more confident rider is a goal that almost all competitors strive to be. A truly great match comes from a pair that challenges each other to be better. To work harder. Jung says, “Sam was a handful, but he made me the rider I am today. He made me a stronger rider and taught me that nothing was going to come easy.” It is frequently the challenges between horse and rider that make the biggest impact to help create their special partnership.


Being patient when looking for your dream horse is probably one of the most difficult parts. Saubolle says, “Timing is everything in the horse business. You have to stay current and prepared.”

It is often all about being in the right place at the right time. Brown told us, “When I was looking for a new all-around horse, we called Judd and Jennifer Paul, and they told us they had the perfect horse. Although I fell in love with Brett (Some Hot Potential) after the first ride, my parents wanted me to go back and ride him a few more times.” 

Taking time to find the perfect horse is crucial. You want to make sure you are really in love with this animal before making any quick decisions. “Cruiser (Moonlight Cruiser) came to me at the perfect time,” says Jung. “I was thinking of taking some time away from the horse industry because I hadn’t felt the same passion as I did with Sam. Cruiser showed me that I was wrong and brought that love back to me.” 


A horse that gives you their all when they go into the arena is such a special feeling. “Brett was one-in-a-million because he always wants to give his whole heart every time I show him,” said Brown.

Jung’s horse, Cruiser gives her a similar feeling to Brown. “Cruiser puts his whole heart into every ride,” she said. “He gave me hope and love for the sport again.” 

Horses that attain this remarkable quality are the ones you want to look for when on your search. Saubolle tells us, “I have been fortunate to train several amazing horses in my career. A few of those horses that I would consider one-in-a-million that stand out in my mind would be Ill Be Sensational, A Subtle Impulse, The Big Sensation, Miss April Sensation, Zippos Paycheck, and Shez Eye Candy. Each of these horses had something extraordinary about each one of them.” 

The road to finding your dream horse may be long, but if you keep your head up, your one-in-a-million horse will find its way into your life and heart.

Have you found your dream horse?  Tell us about it in the comments.

About the Author: GoHorseShow Intern Drew Rogers is a dedicated equestrian who is from Bakersfield, CA. She recently graduated from TCU, where she rode on their equestrian team. Drew has always had a love for writing, so getting to combine her two passions is a dream come true. Her favorite classes to show are trail, western riding, and horsemanship.