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Help the Krupa Family – Patty Krupa Passes Away from COVID

UPDATE from Family Friend Tom Carter – It is with heavy hearts that we let you know Patty passed away at 2:30 yesterday. She fought this virus as hard as she could, and ultimately her body began to shut down, and she was fatigued. CLICK HERE to donate to their GoFundMe page. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Friends and Family, I am reaching out to you today to ask for your help for our dear friends, the Krupa Family.

Patty Krupa has been fighting COVID for nearly 3 weeks and has been hospitalized for more than two of those weeks. She is currently on a vent and is stable but fighting for her life. She is in renal failure and septic shock. Her lungs are hardened, and she is receiving only 30% oxygen to her lungs. She needs our prayers.

A few weeks back, both Aleeha and Cory came down with COVID. While Aleeha was able to fight and recover at home, Cory was hospitalized. In true, loving Patty fashion, she insisted on staying by his side in the hospital. While in the hospital, Patty began feeling ill but fought to be there for Cory. Once Cory was released and sent home to complete his recovery, Patty was tested, and her results came back positive. Initially, her symptoms were light, but then came on hard and strong. She was taken to Troy-Beaumont Hospital and was later transferred to Henry Ford Hospital, where she is in ICU.

Patty, as we all know, is the rock that is the foundation of the Krupa Family. She helps run Kevin’s business. She gives amazing care to Cory and is always there for others when needed.

Although Kevin works hard and has a successful business, and is a great provider for his family, nobody saw this coming and expected the financial burden of this type of illness and hospital stay(s). The family is going to need help with hospital bills and ongoing therapeutic expenses associated with not only Patty’s recovery (we all hope and pray) but in Cory’s ongoing lung therapy due to his bought with COVID. Not to mention assistance with his ongoing care during and after Patty’s recovery.

Many of us have benefitted from knowing the Krupa Family, the friendships, laughs, tears, and extra special love they show to all who know them. Please find it in your hearts to help this family in need. Let’s give back to those who have given so much to all of us. Please contribute to the GOFUNDME to support the Krupa Family. And most of all, PLEASE PRAY FOR PATTY’S FULL AND COMPLETE RECOVERY!

Blessing to you all! Please stay safe and be well, my friends!

Tom Carter