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GoFund Me Set up to Help the Wheeler Family

Posted on GoFundMe by Keri Parker

On Tuesday, March 16th, Justin Wheeler was in a serious riding accident at their facility in Hollister. After being assessed by the paramedics, he had to be airlifted to a local trauma center due to his injuries’ possible extent. The good news is that there was no internal bleeding and only a mild concussion.

The bad news is that he did have a fractured hip, which he went into surgery for on Wednesday. The doctors are very optimistic that he will have a relatively easy recovery with many rest, several weeks of physical therapy, and then will be back in the saddle soon. He’s currently home, crutching around as much as he can and doing his best not to go too stir crazy in the house.

In addition to Justin’s surgery and recovery, Jenn is due to give birth to their second baby any day (within the next week), which is very exciting. Thankfully, they have had many family members, friends, and fellow horsemen/women, offer to ride and help in any way they can. Unfortunately, with the expenses associated with additional help while Justin is out, and the upcoming (potentially large) medical bills, they’re going to need some financial assistance as well.

Neither of them would ask for help like this, so we are here to do that for them. Jenn and Justin would do anything, for anyone, at any time, so if you can contribute financially in any way to this incredibly hardworking family, it would mean the world to them. If you are not able to donate, please do keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

**ALL proceeds will go directly to support the Wheeler family over the coming weeks and months**

CLICK HERE to donate to their GoFund Me page.