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Exuding Confidence in the Horse Show Arena – with Gretchen Mathes

Horse show exhibitors who exude confidence and convey a strong, communication-based partnership with their horses are the ones who make a strong impression on judges.

To present themselves as relaxed, but attentive equestrians, ready to take on the challenges of a class, riders must convince judges they understand the nature of their event and how best to position themselves in the saddle for effective commands.

Connecticut trainer and AQHA Professional Horsewoman Gretchen Mathes spends much of her time molding budding horsemanship and hunt seat equitation riders into picture-perfect competitors.

As an AQHA judge, Gretchen knows that posture, body position, tack, and clothing all play a part in creating a showman’s image.

The goal?

“It should look like you spend hours every day riding that horse,” Gretchen says, “and that you’re in the best position to tell the horse exactly what you need to.”

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