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Six Small Ways to Pamper Your Horse this Valentine’s Day

It is no secret that we all love our horses. Horses hold this place in our hearts that is almost too hard to explain. Not only are our horses our partners in the show pen, but they become a part of our family. 

With the month of February comes the day of love that we call Valentine’s Day. This is a day used to show the special people in our lives how much we adore and care for them.

As we are thinking of ways to shower those special people in our lives with gifts and surprises, we should also be thinking about how we will pamper our ponies and express how much we love them. 

Every day, we show our horses how much we love them and how much they mean to us. However, Valentine’s Day is when we should take extra time and plan to show our horses how close to our hearts they genuinely are.

To get an idea of how others cherish their horses on this particular day, we sat down with Erin Bradshaw, Emma Edwards, Natalia DeVencenty, and Libby Maness to find out how they are going to pamper their sweet ponies this Valentine’s Day. 

Extra Treats 

Treats. Like people, horses have their favorite snacks. Those special treats that they are not given on a daily basis. These kinds of goodies can come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common treat for horses are a horse cookie, carrot, or apple. However, Libby Maness’ horse, Sherlock has a slightly different idea of a favorite treat. Libby said, “To pamper Sherlock this Valentine’s Day, I will be giving him extra Gobstoppers and Wheat Thins. Those are his favorite.”

Special snacks can let your horse know that you are thinking of them extra today. 


Giving your horse extra attention will let them know how special they are. Some horses love to have their necks scratched or even be hugged on. By knowing their favorite scratching spot, you can make their day one hundred times better.

Another way to show your horse affection is to give them lots of kisses. Natalia DeVencenty told us, “I will be giving Moonie extra scratches on Valentine’s Day. He loves the attention.” 


Is there anything better than being given a present? This Valentine’s Day, you can pamper your pony by bringing them a present. A new toy for their stall, new halter, leg wraps, or even new blankets would make the perfect gifts for your four-legged friend.

It’s the little things that can go a long way. Providing new accessories for your horse could be the ideal way to pamper them this Valentine’s Day.

Time Off  

A day to relax, not be touched, or do anything. Is there anything better? While most of our horses love their job and love to work, a nice day off is just what they need. Getting to relax and not be bothered for a day could be their ideal way of being pampered.

Emma Edwards told us, “Jack does not like to be touched unless it is on his terms, so I will give him the day off by not annoying him. I think that is his idea of being pampered.”

Sometimes, the best gift is some much needed alone time.  

Spa Day 

Who doesn’t love a spa day? From a nice long bath to intensive grooming, time in the pasture, a trip to the Theraplate, or even a visit from the chiropractor. What more could a horse ask for? Giving your horse a day devoted to making them feel their best is a great way to pamper them. Time to bring out the big guns and give them all the extra love and care they deserve.


For those who do not get to spend the day with your horse, there are still ways you can pamper them from afar. You can do this by sending them on vacation. AKA sending them to one of their favorite places.

To swim, out to graze, or in a stud’s case, to the breeding farm. Erin Bradshaw told us about how she would pamper her stallion, John Simon, this Valentine’s Day. “The best way I spoil him (John) is by sending him to the breeding farm to make more babies,” she said. “Who doesn’t love pretty ladies on Valentine’s Day?”

Even from afar, you can still find ways to pamper your pony. 

About the Author: Drew Rogers is a dedicated equestrian who is from Bakersfield, CA. She recently graduated from TCU, where she rode on their equestrian team. Drew has always had a love for writing, so getting to combine her two passions is a dream come true. Her favorite classes to show are trail, western riding, and horsemanship.