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2020 AQHA L3 World Champion Winning Run Videos: Final Day

The AQHA World Championship Show debuted in 1974, 34 years after the Association’s inception in 1940. The inaugural AQHA World Show was hosted in Louisville, Kentucky, offering classes for open and amateur exhibitors. In 1976, the AQHA World Show moved to State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, its home ever since.

This year’s Farnam AQHA World Championship Show is one for the record books. We will probably never see one like it again in our lifetime. With the select world show and championship shows being combined, it will be a challenging few weeks to get everyone where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be. We applaud AQHA for giving everyone in every division a chance to shine in a difficult year for many.

Check back often as we will be updating and posting all the winning runs each day, all in one place.

Winning Runs

Day 13 – Saturday, November 21

Senior Hunter Under Saddle

Junior Western Riding

2-Year-Old Western Pleasure

Senior Trail

Day 12 – Friday, November 20

Senior Western Riding

Junior Western Pleasure

Performance Halter Stallions

Performance Halter Mares

Performance Halter Geldings

Yearling Geldings

Weanling Geldings

Weanling Colts

Weanling Fillies

Day 11 – Thursday, November 19

Senior Western Pleasure

Aged Mares

Yearling Fillies

Senior Hunter Hack

Senior Working Hunter

Progressive Working Hunter

Day 10 – Wednesday, November

Amateur Performance Geldings

Senior Pleasure Driving

Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

Junior Trail

Junior Hunter Hack


Amateur Trail

Junior Working Hunter

Day 9 – Tuesday, November 17

Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation

3-Year-Old Geldings

3-Year-Old Mares

2-Year-Old Mares

Aged Geldings

Aged Stallions

3-Year-Old Stallions

2-Year-Old Geldings

Day 8 – Monday, November

Select Jumping

Amateur Jumping

Select Equitation Over Fences

Amateur Equitation Over Fences

Select Working Hunter

Amateur Working Hunter

Day 7 – Sunday, November

Select Hunter Under Saddle

Amateur Performance Stallions

Amateur Performance Mares

Amateur Hunter Hack

Select Hunter Hack

Day 6 – Saturday, November 14

Amateur Horsemanship

Amateur Aged Mares

Amateur Aged Stallions

Amateur Aged Geldings

Amateur 3-Year-Old Stallions

Amateur 3-Year-Old Geldings

Amateur Western Riding

Amateur Western Pleasure

Amateur 3-Year-Old Mares

Amateur 2-Year-Old Stallions

Amateur 2-Year-Old Geldings

Amateur 2-Year-Old Mares

Day 5 – Friday, November 13

Amateur Showmanship

Select Trail

Day 4 – Thursday, November 12

Select Western Riding

Amateur Yearling Colts

Amateur Yearling Geldings

Amateur Yearling Fillies

Select Hunt Seat Equitation

Amateur Weanling Geldings

Amateur Weanling Fillies

Day 3 – Wednesday, November 11

Select Western Pleasure

Select Yearling Colts

Select Yearling Geldings

Select Yearling Fillies

Select Weanling Colts

Select Weanling Geldings

Select Weanling Fillies

Amateur Pleasure Driving

Select Pleasure Driving

Day 2 – Tuesday, November 10

Select Performance Halter Stallions

Select Performance Halter Mares

Select Performance Halter Geldings

Select Aged Stallions

Select Aged Mares

Select Aged Geldings

Select Showmanship

Day 1 – Monday, November 9

Select Horsemanship

Select 3-Year-Old Stallions

Select 3-Year-Old Geldings

Select 3-Year-Old Mares

Select 2-Year-Old Stallions

Select 2-Year-Old Geldings

Select 2-Year-Old Mares