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We Ask Exhibitors: If Your Horse Was Sent to the Principal’s Office, What Did They Do?

This light-hearted question has been floating around on social media, and we thought we would take it and run with it. “If your horse was sent to the principal’s office, what did they do?”

Everyone GoHorseShow talked to started to laugh and loved the question. We would like to thank the exhibitors who joined in on the fun.

The answers revealed a lot about the personalities of several well-known horses in our industry. it also illustrated the love equestrians have for their horses.

Heidi Padelesky – Willy would definitely be called to the principal’s office for being the class clown. He will do something funny like curl his top lip up in the air and look you straight in the eye, and then once you laugh at him, he will keep doing it. He loves to do silly things for attention and to make us laugh. There have been a few times in halter class where he looks at me and sticks his nose out as if he’s going to grab my hat, looks me right in the eye but doesn’t touch it. Almost like he’s saying “I’m not touching you!” He thinks that he is hilarious and sometimes when in the show pen, he is not.

Meredith Landy
– Certified Stride (Sly) would be one of those guys who was always in the principal’s office. He is a very dedicated cribber and I can’t tell you how many times he’s torn down either his cribbing bar or his automatic waterer. We always hope for the cribbing bar because if it’s his waterer, he floods the whole barn. But we love him.




Ellexxah Maxwell – Annie would’ve definitely punched a kid for looking at her the wrong way. She would have tried to explain to the principal that according to her, they couldn’t even look in her direction because she was a queen.



Emma Brown
– If Brett were in the principal’s office, it would be for skipping class to eat all of the snacks in the lunchroom. He loves his snacks.



Alexis Wrobbel – “KD” (You Could Be Next) is a six-year-old stud I show in the hunter under saddle. He would for sure be in trouble for stealing the other kid’s snacks.




Kari Craft – Gone Viral would get sent to the principal’s office for making “catcalls” at all the girls in the class. He loves the ladies and has a lot of girlfriends. He sees a girl walk by his classroom/paddock and he just struts his stuff and gives out a holler or two. He’d be in detention every day.



Emma Edwards
– Jack would go to the principal’s office because he was giving attitude to the teacher and showing off. It’s Jack’s way or the highway.





Lauren Stanley
– Rooster would only get called to the principal’s office in order to receive an award for good behavior. He hates breaking any rules. Now his friend Gordon, he would get sent to the principal’s office for pulling a prank like putting a worm in his teacher’s apple.


Jenna Tolson – 100% no question, it would be because she bullied somebody. Scarlett loves all things HUMAN, but horses are a hard no for her. She has a very wide requirement for personal space with other horses.  If one invades her space, she instantly sends a very clear message of that not being acceptable. Shamefully, this is something we had to address with her as a youngster even in the show pen.  Got to love the opinionated mares.  At least you always know what they are thinking.

Lana Markway – Tell All Your Friends (Calvin) would definitely be that he wasn’t listening to the teacher. Following the rules would be hard for him. Super smart, it’s just hard to get the work completed.





Natalia DeVencenty – Chex would never be sent to the principal’s office, but if he was, it would be because he was stealing the other kid’s lunch. When Moonie was sent to the principal’s office, it would be for cheating, ditching class, pulling pranks, sleeping during class, or just causing chaos in general.



Erin Bradshaw Weiss – John’s would definitely be for hitting on girls or stealing someone’s snacks.





Scott Reinartz – Hank would be called to the office for being a star pupil.  Potter would be called to the office for talking in class and disrupting the class.





Carey Nowacek – Thomas definitely would be in the principal’s office for either biting his classmate or teacher. Also, invading others’ personal space.



Johnna Letchworth – Hunter (Huntin A Hot Cowgirl) would definitely be sent to the principal’s office for biting his classmates, and Whiskey (On The Roks) would be sent to the principal’s office for stealing the teacher’s snacks out of their drawer.






What would your horse be sent to the principal’s office for? Have some fun and let us know.