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We Ask the Industry: What is One Discipline You’ve Always Wanted to Try?

What class is on your bucket list to try before you die? We asked several trainers and exhibitors in the industry this fun and revealing question. Answers ranged from adrenaline-pumping classes like the working cow horse and cutting to the elegant and difficult movements of dressage.

Some riders even had the chance to try out some new events during the COVID-19 pandemic since several shows were canceled and they had some free time on their hands. If you are hesitant to try a new class, take some inspiration from your fellow equestrians and try something new.

Julian Harris – Working Cow! The crowd gets so into it, and I want to go fast on purpose.



Julie Hoefling
– I have always wanted to try Reining. I love the pattern classes, so I think that is what draws me to that discipline. I don’t love to go fast, so that could be a problem, but hopefully, I would get used to it. Ha! The atmosphere always seems to have a good buzz about it, the horses are beautiful and talented, and hey, you can win some money if you are good. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Carey Nowacek– I have always wanted to try doing the big Grand Prix hunters. When I started riding, I did the pony hunters, and Brad Jewett’s ex-wife, Stephanie trained and showed hunters, so I could ride her horses. I have never shown in the jumping events and would love to jump big.

Amy Groefsema – Dressage. The elegance and the partnership between horse and rider resemble ballroom dancing, which I’m horrible at, but it sure would be a fun challenge.



Taylor Deppen
– I’ve always wanted to try Reining. I think it would be such a fun change of pace from the pleasure events and would be such an adrenaline rush with all the speed and crowd noise—a total change of pace from our super slow and quiet pleasure pens.

Beckie Peskin – I always say I want to ride Reiners when I grow up. But I also have to say it would be AMAZING to show the Arabian Native Costume just once. I mean, wearing that crazy costume and entering at the canter…what’s not to love?


Kathy Tobin
– Cutting! I loved the working cow where you boxed them at one end. I know Cutting is hard, but to sit there and let the horse work a cow would be so cool.




Farley Mclendon
– The cow horse. I love watching the horses work. It would be so fun to take one down the fence. I love hearing the crowd get behind a good run.



Emma Brown
– I have always wanted to try Jumping. I am still so interested when I am watching it; the way they see distances seems very similar to the Trail. I think it would be fun to see the differences and similarities between how they see distances and ride jumps and how I see distances and ride poles.

Katy Jo Zuidema – Working Cow Horse. I get excited just watching it. I think it would be a cool mix of horsemanship, cow instincts, and sheer guts.






Morgan Jennings
– Equitation Over Fences. Equitation is my favorite event to ride, and I’ve always had a desire to take that to the next level. There are art and science to jumping, and a new challenge would be fun. Michelle McCarthy Warda got her start in the jumper ring, so I always thought it would be fun for her and I to get back to it.

Vanessa Froman – I always wanted to be a jockey growing up, like my cousin Julie Krone…but I grew too tall for those dreams.  I would still love to try one day.




Scott Reinartz – I would love to try the Cutting, only on a broke horse. The agility the horses have is impressive to me; the speed and balance would be a rush. I have jumped before, and I love that feeling.



Johnna Letchworth
– Working Cow Horse! I would love to put my skills to the test and see if I could stay on. I also believe that’s the most challenging class you can compete in. I like a good challenge.



Lauren Stanley
– I had always wanted to try Jumping and Western Riding before 2020. They seemed like they could be so much fun, and I loved the idea that one maneuver flowed into the next, and the horses seem so happy. Thanks to COVID, I had a little extra time and spent it trying new things and found out that those events weren’t so scary, and they were even more fun than I thought! So, I guess the only thing left to try would be Pleasure Driving. I would love to be able to have an awesome hat and cruise behind Rooster. Rooster would look cute pulling a cart, right?

Jenna Tolson – Cutting, for sure! I am mesmerized watching those horses work cattle. The intensity of their focus is just incredible. I imagine I’ll end up in the dirt on my tush, but riding a good Cutting horse is 100% on my bucket list. Riding a good Reiner would be a close second. But really, I love watching good horses do any event. They’re amazing creatures.


What event have you always wanted to try? Let us know.