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Don Bell Set to Auction off Clinton Anderson’s Down Under Horsemanship Ranch

Longtime horseman, artist and musician, Don Bell of Milsap, Texas added real estate sales to his ever-growing list of successful endeavors over the last few years.  With that, and as time has passed, Don has become a leading land specialist with extensive experience in all types of properties to accompany his strong background in the performance horse industry.

In his most recent chapter of real estate, Don has joined forces with Milt Bradford to form Bell & Bradford, LLC, a premier property auction company based in Weatherford, Texas. Milt has over 40 years of experience in marketing and public auctions and is a former owner of Western Bloodstock. The two men’s combined experience makes this partnership a natural for offering buyers and sellers the best experience in representing properties.

To start their new venture, the duo has already secured a real estate listing that most would consider the crown jewel of a lifetime in real estate sales. In the upcoming auction on September 26th, Bell & Bradford, LLC, presents a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive property in the heart of Texas’ horse country, a stone’s throw from Stephenville, Weatherford, and Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth.  The property was designed and built by Clinton Anderson and has served as his base of operations for the last several years.

GoHorseShow talked to Don Bell to find out more information about this new partnership and the auction of Clinton Anderson’s amazing property.

GHS: Hi, Don. How did you come about auctioning Clinton Anderson’s property?
BELL: Clinton had his place listed for a period of time with another local real estate office in Stephenville. Hunter Meinzer, called me up one day and said I had to go down and see his facility. I had been moving some places in that price point in Parker County and after visiting with Clinton a few times, Milt and I pitched him the idea of auctioning the place. One thing led to another.

Clinton is moving to Arkansas in December to run a private training business. He has been actively engaged in the clinic and retail side of the industry for 20 years, and he is just ready to turn the page and throw his hat in the arena. Clinton intends to sell his Stephenville facility on Sept 26th. Anyone who even thinks they may want to own the premier facility needs to be there.

GHS: What are some of the aspects of this property that would appeal to our horse show crowd?
BELL: The facility is really versatile. The indoor arena is large enough to accommodate any discipline. There are enough stalls for a trainer to run a business. The outdoor round pen is big enough to put in multiple roping arenas and there’s over 6000 feet of commercial building space inside the main building. Someone could buy it to produce large shows or any type of horse-related event. You really have to see it to believe it.

GHS: Tell us how the new partnership came about with Milt Bradford?
BELL: Milt and I have been close friends for a few years. When he got his real estate license, we were talking four or five times a day on the phone and I told him one day that I thought we could make a good partnership. Milt comes from the auction world. He is a former owner of Western Bloodstock. He is enthusiastic about live public auctions. When you go to the midwest, you see most farms and ranches sell at auction instead of conventional listings. We thought we could bring a service to the North Central Texas area that might change the way people here think about real estate auctions.

GHS: Is there anything else you’d like potential buyers to know?
BELL: I think there’s a real chance for someone to get a great buy on this place. It’s right in the heart of cowboy country and just a stone’s throw away from Fort Worth and Weatherford.

Anyone looking for details of the sale can go to or contact:

Don Bell

Milt Bradford

Check out the slideshow below of Clinton Anderson’s amazing property.