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GoFundMe Set Up to Help with Duane Piper’s Recovery

From Piper Family friend, Faith Small via GoFundMe

CLICK HERE to visit GoFundMe and help a fellow horseman.

A few weeks ago, Duane Piper suffered 2 severe strokes, one being a massive brain bleed. The strokes left him paralyzed on his left side and affected his speech and vision. As you can imagine, Duane, Heidi, and the family have been shocked and overwhelmed by all of this. This strong, loving family has been trying to process everything quietly and on their own while taking one day at a time.

During his lengthy hospital stay, Duane underwent two surgeries. The last one was to remove a piece of his skull. When he was stable enough, Duane transferred to a nearby rehab center. Since being there, he has received excellent care and worked with skilled therapists several times a day.

Unfortunately, the insurance company has significant limits on its coverage going forward and has told the family that he will need to leave the center on August 28th. Even more troubling is the fact that now, the company will only pay for a few hours of home therapy a week, maybe just three visits.

Duane and the family know that they have a long, challenging road ahead of them, including one more surgery. If he is going to regain his mobility and quality of life, Duane will need physical, occupational, and speech therapy and lots of it.  He will need home help to assist with his daily care and eventually, he will need the use of specialized equipment that can only be found at a rehab facility. For Duane, there is a window during which most of his healing and recovery will occur and he is in that window now. And as for all stroke victims, the sooner rehab begins, the greater are the chances that he will regain what has been lost.

Duane and the family are determined to get his life back. Heidi, who is strong and has been with him throughout this ordeal, knows that she can’t give him all that he needs. No one person can.  He will need the help of specialists, the love of his family, and the support of his friends to get through this. We can help pay for these services and we can put the smile back on Duane’s face. We can help this wonderful man and fellow horseman get the care he needs. Please help Duane by donating with me. I can tell you, with certainty, that Duane, Heidi, and the family will be forever grateful and always thankful for our help, prayers, and support.

CLICK HERE to visit GoFundMe and help a fellow horseman.