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Gordyville Shootout Results

Gordyville Shootout was a huge success this year with over 300 stalls, six-point Amateur showmanship and 43 runs in the Shootout Showmanship. We would like to thank everyone that attended and wish you success the rest of the year. See you at Thanksgiving for the Gordyville Turkey Run.


SMALL FRY- Ella Spies and Cash Only

NOV YOUTH 14-18 Josie Eckert & HP Lazy N Pleasure

Youth 14-18 Caroline Fredenburg & Sundenlysophisticated

Open – Lily Anderson & Scenics High Voltage

Amateur – Chrisitanna Schuckman & Shez Hot N Platinum

Select – Tammy Dewey & Rios Marecedes

Youth 13 & Under Elden Fredenburg & Quita Machine

Novice Amateur – Maureen Pappas & The Best Margarita

Novice Youth 13 & Under – Liliana Lescun & Hy Definition

Rookie Youth Taylor Truman & Treasure Our Machine

Showmanship Shootout Champion Patty Bogosh, Reserve Nya Kearns