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GoFundMe Set Up for AQHA Amateur Suzanne Randolph Stowe

From Suzanne Randolph Stowe’s sister-in-law, Bethany Stowe

As many are aware, our dear brother & sister, Jonathan & Suzanne, lost their beautiful baby boy, Jackson Thomas, this week. Many have asked how they can help the family during this time of tremendous heartbreak. Throughout the nearly four months we were given with Jackson, he received great care at the NICU at Saint Francis Children’s Hospital. As everyone knows, medical bills accumulate quickly. Jonathan & Suzanne showed themselves to be people of great character, the parents we all knew Jackson needed & deserved, and spent nearly every waking moment by his side during this time. For those who have reached out hoping to help out, here is one way we can all show our love to them. Little Jackson left quite a legacy on his parents and all of us, and hopefully, we can help alleviate some of the stresses that will follow. Jonathan & Suzanne currently face about $8,000 in medical debt and hope to donate any additional funds to the OI Foundation to continue Jackson’s legacy.

CLICK HERE to donate