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AQHA Develops New Mentor Program

Dear AQHA Professional Horsemen,

The AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Council is pleased to announce its newly developed mentor program. This program was designed to offer a support mechanism for our AQHA Professional Horsemen around the world. It is also intended to provide open lines of communication from AQHA and the Professional Horsemen’s Council to the members and from the members back to AQHA and the Council. The mentors will be available by email, phone, and at local shows and events to advise and answer questions. They will help ensure all Professional Horsemen adhere to the code of ethics.

Please click here to download a list of mentors and guidelines for the program.

The mentors have an average tenure of 21 years as Professional Horsemen and, combined, have more than 1400 years of industry experience, which gives them the knowledge and ability to serve as leaders in their respective areas. The Council has appointed 44 mentors throughout North America in regions that align with the AQHA steward program. The number of mentors per region is based on the size of the membership in each area. There is also one mentor assigned to Europe, with a plan to increase the number on that continent and to expand the program to include Central and South America, as well.

The Council believes this program offers our members the opportunity to grow as horsemen and -women while adhering to the code of ethics and giving them a voice in our industry. The mentors will help build a stronger relationship between the affiliates and the Professional Horsemen’s Council and will allow greater collaboration and the sharing of ideas and programs between these groups.

A friendly reminder that with horse shows resuming, it is very important to abide by all protocols and assist horse show management to make sure all the exhibitors and spectators follow the guidelines set forth at the event. As industry leaders, we must set a precedent. If guidelines are not followed, future equine events and even other types of sporting activities will be in jeopardy. We appreciate your assistance and look forward to a cautious and careful return to AQHA events.


Gene Spagnola

Chairman of the AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Council

CLICK HERE for more information from AQHA