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Small Fashion Musts – The Overlooked Aspects of Creating a Successful Horse Show Outfit

Many people overlook some essential items to put together a successful show outfit. These small pieces are part of what makes an individual stand out in the ring. It is crucial to pay attention to every little detail when preparing for your classes.

GoHorseShow spoke with Wendy Brown of Show Me Again and two competitors, Kent Ray Taylor and Amy Groefsema, who are known for their unique fashion style in the show arena. We talked to them about how they keep a fresh, stylish look. They give some fantastic tips on how to fill in the cracks when preparing attire for a show.

“Attention to detail is very important to me,” says Kent Ray Taylor, Amateur non-pro rider with multiple World and Congress Champion titles.


Keeping your clothes and other items properly stored and maintained is essential to have your outfits ready to go to the show. Organizing your wardrobe before an event can save you a lot of hassle.

Wendy Brown (pictured right), the owner of Show Me Again, states, “An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold. Since the nature of our sport can be hard on clothing, making a habit of protecting your investment will keep your clothes looking fresher than anything.”

There are many things you can do to keep your items in tip-top-shape. Amy Groefsema (pictured left), an accomplished Amateur rider, suggests, “Do not leave outfits in a hot trailer. Store them properly in garment bags after being cleaned. I make sure my pants are pressed, boots are polished, and the hat is shaped after I am done showing.”

This technique eliminates last-minute work before a show and allows you to focus more on relaxing and other tasks that must be completed later.

Also, lay out all your smaller items in a container and separate your makeup, jewelry and hair ties. You can also organize your show and practice clothes in different spaces too. Hang your coat and pants in a garment bag, and then fold your exercise clothing in a duffle carrier.

Even though your items that you will be using to get ready are in different containers, try to keep them together in the trailer or vehicle you will be taking.


Accessories make everything better. You can have a stellar coat, but without boots and a nice pair of earrings, the look can be off.

“A long time ago, a fashion expert said that you could wear an out-of-date pair of shoes with a newer outfit, and you’ve aged the whole look. But if you add stylish shoes to any outfit, it can modernize and update your look. Wearing an up-to-date boot with your classic outfit can offer a more contemporary, fresh look. I think the same thing holds true for a rider’s hat; a clean hat, that is shaped to a current style, and is creased, is one of the best accessories you can add,” says Brown.

Even smaller details can make a big difference. “A nice pair of earrings can top off any look,” says Amy. Keep the jewelry simple and never go with a necklace; it will take away from the outfit all together. Additionally, makeup can also look great in the ring. This is a personal preference by many, but with complementing eyeshadow and lipstick, it can bring a nice touch to your show style.


Preparation is the main component of success. No one likes panicking before their class, trying to put on clothes in a frantic manner. It is vital to have everything laid out in an organized fashion and give yourself enough time to get ready.

“I plan and know exactly what I am going to wear before I show. I give myself plenty of time to dress without rushing in case I want to change my look,” says Kent Taylor. (pictured left) You can also try on your outfit at home to make sure it fits your standards. “I get my outfits tailored to fit as I believe outfits should fit an individual’s body type,” states Amy.

A tailored appearance is a universal tip from the top people in the industry and will appeal to the judges in the arena.

By adding these small touches to your outfit, you will have an eye-catching appearance that will look great in the ring.

“The most important part of a show outfit is how it makes you feel,” adds Brown. Amy continues with, “As long as you have a streamline appearance, it does not matter if you wear a blinged-out jacket or a simple button-up.”

Confidence will tie your look together more than an accessory, however, accessories are a nice touch also.

Taylor adds, “Make your own style. A style that fits your personality is best. Do not dress like someone else and always be true to yourself.”

About the Author – Georgia Smith has always been intrigued by anything equine related since she was a little girl. Throughout the years, Georgia has been The National High Individual in horse judging as well as placing Top Ten at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress. She has been riding/showing horses for 14 years with her trainer, Charlene Carter, who has led her to take up jumping at Harmony Hill Farms. As a journalist major, Georgia is adamant about continuing her passion for horses through her writing.