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Making the English World Unique through Custom Clothing

Elizabeth (Spike) Brewer and Megan Brown have been the masterminds behind the unique clothing company Boo Yah Custom Clothing since 2011. They set out to create a quality product that made a statement in horse show fashion. With their custom products, it is easy to design a piece that will correlate with your horse, class, and personality.

With May being fashion month at GoHorseShow, we spoke with them and some of their customers about the one-of-a-kind business and about how to achieve the most stylish look when you are in the show ring.

How it Started

This hunt seat-focused company did not begin with the loyal customers and the selection of fabrics that they have today. It all started with an idea from Brown to make custom coats for herself and Spike. Brown went to a tailor with a design, and the result was two very nice hunt coats. Both owners wore their outfits to a horse show to have a multi-purpose photo shoot. Ten people came up to Spike and Brown that day, expressing their interest in the coats.

From there, Boo Yah Custom Clothing has flourished into a popular company that many people go to for exceptional, quality items. “It’s had a natural progression,” says Spike. Customer, Jenna Tolson, states, “I’ve always loved their product. It was a unique idea for the time.” Boo Yah is mainly operated through an online platform, but is also present at many of the larger shows. Spike believes that business will continue to grow alongside the industry.

Designs and Products

“Our big goal is that we want to offer great customer service and a great product. It’s very simple,” says Spike. Boo Yah has been praised by many for the durability of its products. “I think that is what sets us apart; our quality of fabric that we have is truly in a league of its own,” continues Spike.

Their fabrics come in many different colors and patterns to fit any taste. You can also choose contrasting piping, velvet, and buttons to add to hunt coats. “There are so many fabric choices; it can become overwhelming. Spike is good at piecing it together, though,” says Jenna. (pictured left)

All items can be semi-custom if you do not see what you are looking for in-stock or need a different size. In-stock coats start at $475, and semi-custom ones start at $575. Hunt shirts begin at $150.

People in western disciplines can also order shirts. However, they are not an in-stock item. “They are reasonably priced and are super easy to work with,” says customer and trainer, Alyse Roberts.

Fashion Tips

Standing out in the arena is a must. It not only adds to a performance, but it also adds to your personality. “I like to be classically stylish. We are starting to see hunt coats that highlight people’s personalities and match with their horses a bit,” expressed Jenna.

Spike and Brown work hard to supply the elegant, yet fun look to the English events. “Boo Yah will have looks that are trendy, but we will never be tacky,” says Spike. There are many things you can do to be an individual that will not draw too much attention to yourself. All three of these fashionably inclined women say that you should wear what you are comfortable in. If you want to push the limit, do so tastefully.

Although, “Classy is never a bad idea,” says Spike. If you are not sure how to assemble your next show look, check out videos and pictures of other people who show frequently. Spike says that if you are having trouble, call her, and she can work out the details. The most important thing is that, “Your shirt and jacket are properly fitted,” said Roberts. With that tip, you can rock any fashion of clothing in the show pen.

Boo Yah Custom clothing can offer many fashion vogues that will fit your style perfectly. Both Brown and Spike go to great lengths to ensure the best service and reliable products that will last you through many show seasons and provide a unique aspect that will keep you looking fresh.

“Every shirt, down to the button, I have to create. Every single item is custom-designed,” states Spike.

Roberts (pictured right) says, “I love their style and diversity. It gives your hunt seat look a little pizzazz.

“It’s kind of fun to be able to pick and choose what they have. It allows you to be individual, but do it tastefully,” continues Jenna.

Find your approach to showing horses with Boo Yah Custom Clothing and exhibit your confidence in the look. Confidence is key to a strong fashion statement.

CLICK HERE to see Boo Yah Custom Clothing in the May Fashion Issue of GoMag.

About the Author – Georgia Smith has always been intrigued by anything equine related since she was a little girl. Throughout the years, Georgia has been The National High Individual in horse judging as well as placing Top Ten at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress. She has been riding/showing horses for 14 years with her trainer, Charlene Carter, who has led her to take up jumping at Harmony Hill Farms. As a journalist major, Georgia is adamant about continuing her passion for horses through her writing.