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GoMag: May Fashion Issue Online Now

We are very proud to present the May issue of GoMag which is our 7th Annual Fashion Issue. Year in and year out, our readers love horse show fashion. The Fashion Issue celebrates everything that makes both people and horses look great, in and out of the show pen, including show clothes, accessories, tack, casual wear and equine photography.

The Fashion Issue is perennially one of the most widely read issues of the year and, despite a global pandemic, this year’s issue should prove to be no different. We actually think that it could not come at a better time and will serve as a great diversion while people are at home.

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who had a role in the making of this great issue. To our wonderful advertisers and readers and the trainers, business owners, graphic designers and photographers, we appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to the time when we can all go horse show again soon.

CLICK HERE to view the May Issue of GoMag

About the Cover

Self-described as “Fashion Obsessed,” amateur exhibitor Amy Groefsema of Lemoore, California, is aptly featured on the cover of the May Fashion Issue of GoMag.

“I have always been obsessed with fashion. My Barbie doll always had to have the fanciest outfits, and she always matched. I remember I bugged my mom for the newest trends in fashion to start school. Wet Seal comes to mind, with the matching shorts and shirts and scrunchies. In college, I remember Glamour Magazine and learning to shop at second-hand stores finding the top brands for a fraction of the price. And now, as a real estate broker, I love wearing my business-professional attire while being trendy as well.”

When the show season resumes, Groefsema and My Dream Remembered (Hank) will be competing in the All-Around classes under the supervision of Brad Jewett.  “Brad is very detail-oriented and creates a polished look,” Groefsema says.

Her fashion influences include the simple elegance of the late Kate Spade. Amy also loves BCBG because their clothing can go business or casual. Bebe and H&M are fun for trendy things, she says.

The outfit on the cover is by Lindsey James. ”The simple elegance of it is what I love most. She has designed all my outfits to fit my personality. I like timeless with a little bit of edge to it.  I love all the new trends out there, but I always stay age-appropriate with my daily clothes as well as my show clothes. My showmanship jacket by Lindsey is just that, classy, yet edgy.”

When the COVID-19 quarantine ends, Amy wants to spend more time in Texas riding. “Then, I can’t wait to attend new shows in all different states. The challenge is not being able to do anything since the lockdown since I can’t get to Texas.  But I know Hank has been kept up, and he’ll be ready once we can get back to it.”

Groefsema adds, “Thanks to everyone who has helped me and continues to help and support me along the way.”

CLICK HERE to view the May Issue of GoMag

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Cover Design: Elizabeth Jakovich – Photos: PictureGroove Photography