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AQHA Sanctioned Shows Canceled Due to COVID-19

Please refer to the information below for up-to-date data regarding the current status of AQHA sanctioned shows.

Canceled SHOWS 

Click here for a list of currently canceled shows. Updates will be made three times daily as more information is received.
• Contact if you notice a show is missing or the status should be changed.
The list of shows above also includes pending or approved dates to assist in your rescheduling.


• If secretaries and managers wish to reschedule their shows to a later date, the mileage rule will stay in effect per AQHA Show Management Guidelines.
• For shows that have been canceled, each will have an option to:
◦ Receive a full refund.
◦ Apply current money paid to a rescheduled show.
◦ Hold the credit with AQHA for one calendar year to apply to the same show in 2021.
• For AQHA sanctioned shows that were canceled, those shows will retain priority dates for the following year (SHW 103.6).
• If you have any questions or concerns with a show that has been canceled or procedures for how to cancel your event, please contact Jenny Hart or Lisa Pond in the Show Approval department at


As an AQHA judge, you may be faced with cancellation of shows and events, travel restrictions, as well as concerns regarding your own health. Please review the Judges Announcement regarding AQHA’s judging policies and procedures. Please email with any changes to your judging commitments so that these can be noted.

This is a rapidly changing situation, and AQHA is committed to providing timely information regarding upcoming events. Our team is here to help support the safety of our membership, which is of the utmost importance. We appreciate your understanding, collaboration, and flexibility as we navigate through this challenging time together.


The Center for Disease Control provides valuable resources for learning how to protect yourself, what to do if you think you are sick, and more.