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Good Horsemanship is the Foundation for any Discipline with Charlie Cole

Good horsemanship is the foundation for any riding discipline. Some riders instinctively find that perfect position in the saddle and always have their horses set up for the next maneuver. If you’re not quite in that group just yet, follow these basics from AQHA Professional Horseman and judge Charlie Cole.

Perfect Position

One thing to remember is that there’s a purpose behind the classic horsemanship position. Your riding instructor isn’t trying to torture you by having you sit with good posture in the middle of the saddle with a straight line from your shoulder to your heels (which should be down, of course). Getting started in the right position sets you up to better communicate with your horse and keeps you safe by helping you control your horse if something goes wrong.

When most people get on a horse for the first time, they tend to sit way back in the saddle with their feet forward. For some reason, most of them feel safer back there, and the shape of the saddle makes it look like they ought to be sitting back on the cantle of the saddle.

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