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We Ask The Industry – What Would Your Registered Name Be?

It’s the beginning of a new decade, new year, 2020. Time goes by fast, and sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy the moment. GoHorseShow often has lighthearted articles to remind everyone to have fun and not to take life or showing horses too seriously. The people you meet and the relationships you develop will always be more important than the number of trophies you can line up on your walls.

We have written articles about how breeders come up with registered names for their horses, but we wanted to take it a step further and ask exhibitors what they would name themselves. They did not disappoint. Perhaps you will get a glimpse into the personalities of many of your fellow competitors. What would your name be? Let us know.

Lauren Stanley – “Nice And Quiet.” I would embody that name because I wouldn’t need to be longed. I would just be nice and quiet all the time. Perfect for select riders, I would enjoy lots of carrots and turnouts.

Scott Reinartz – My registered name would be “Mr Wonderful.”



Cathy Corrigan Frank – I would want my name to be something clever and creative and not a half mom/half dad mashup that makes no sense.



Emma Garcia
– If I were a horse, my registered name would be, “Shes Always Sleepy” because Too Sleepy To Zip is one of my favorite studs, and I am always sleepy.



Riley Dosa
– If I were a horse, my registered name would be “Watch And Learn.”



Rachel Kooiker
– If I were a horse, my registered name might be, “Though She Be But Little.” First, because I’m petite, and second because the rest of the quote goes ‘she is fierce,’ which sums me up fairly well. I’m a literature nerd, so it doesn’t hurt that it’s also referring to one of my favorite characters and Shakespearean plays, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Kathy Tobin – My registered name would be Just One More.




Taylor Kungle
– I don’t know about a registered name, maybe Never On Time, because I’m always late.




Emma Brown
– If I were a horse, my registered name would probably be “Queen Bee.” I’m an only child, so it’s a joke that I’m the queen of the house and our lives in general. My name in my mom’s phone is “queen bee” so it’s very fitting.

Lana Markway
– I have a name that I would use for myself, but I’m saving it in case we have a foal out of Lexi. But I can say it has crazy in it.


Meredith Landy
– If I were a horse, I think I’d want my name to be “She Loves Her Some Jagger.” I have been a Rolling Stones fan forever and spent most of the college years having a crush on Mick. FYI, I’m over the Mick thing now but am still an ardent Stones fan.

Jenna Tolson
– Sticking with my champagne theme, for my registered name, I would incorporate my favorite brand Veuve Clicquot into my name and go with the play-on-words, “All The Right Veuves” or “Vintage Veuves.”

Kari Craft
– I’m not sure about my horse name. After this past year of my life and all the things that have gone on, I thought, well maybe a name like, “Look What You Made Me Do,” or “You Need To Calm Down,” or another Taylor Swift song. I love her and can usually relate to all her songs, which is how my last gelding, “James Deen Daydream,” got his name. He had a dreamy look in his eyes. However, I asked Jason English what my name would be, and because other than T. Swift songs, I couldn’t think of anything, and he said my name would be, “Big Pimpin Momma.” I didn’t ask why, and I’m not sure I would want to know, but there it is, “Big Pimpin Momma.” I have no words for that one.

Johnna Letchworth – If I were to be a horse, my registered name would most likely be “Truth Hurts.” I’m known to be a little blunt, so I think that name would suit me.

Carey Nowacek
– I’m not sure I would want this name, but my nice friend Johnna says my name would be “Yes Ma’am” because I hardly use the word no.

Julie Hoefling – If I was a horse, I think my registered name would be “Said With Love.” That is the phrase I say a lot before I’m going to say something that might come off as not so nice. Either that or “Its All Good” – that is another phrase I tend to say a lot and probably speaks to my personality a bit.

What would your registered name be? Give us a glimpse into your personality in the comments.