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Top 10 GoHorseShow Stories of the Year for 2019

Reflecting back on the year through our top 10 most popular stories has been an annual tradition at GoHorseShow since we launched over 11 years ago. Every year, as we look back, we almost have to pinch ourselves at what an unbelievable group of loyal readers and advertisers we have who make it all possible. And 2019 was no exception.

For the 11th year in a row, GoHorseShow was there to capture all the highs and lows, all the smiles and tears, all the ups and downs and everything in between.  We know we could never do any of it without you. As we look back on 2019, we hope we have delivered a reader experience unparalleled by any other in our industry. Our readers and advertisers have provided us with unparalleled support and for that, we thank you.

Here’s to 2020 being the best year yet, but until then, from now until January 1, we will reveal the top 10 stories for the year 2019.

Number 1

Legendary Not Just Anyhoo Laid to Rest at Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center

Published on October 28, 2019
Written by GoHorseShow

In 2019, the horse industry unfortunately saw several influential horses pass away, including leading stallions Invitation Only, Blazing Hot and Only In The Moonlite, as well as famous show horses Dont Ya Just Love It, Brokers Lucky Kid and Sleeptite. However, the shocking news of Not Just Anyhoo’s death due to critical injuries sustained in a trailer accident leaving the Congress, rocked the entire horse world. The loss of the gelding was especially heart-wrenching as it occurred just days after winning the Amateur Hunter Under Saddle at the Congress, his 17th Congress Championship in his brilliant, but short career. He was just seven-years-old.

GoHorseShow’s story of Horton’s sudden passing received more outpouring of love and support than any person or horse who has died in our 11-year history. “I really had no idea how much the industry loved that horse,” owner Rebekah Kazakevicius told us. “The love shown for him and my family has been incredible. It is only fitting that he went out on top.”

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Number 1 Video of the Year

2019 AQHA World Show Sights & Sounds

Published on November 25, 2019
Video by Attention to Detail

As video becomes more and more popular in this digital world we are all living in, we’ve made it a tradition to include the number 1 video of the year in our top 10. Professional photographer and videographer Danielle Long of Attention to Detail was at this year’s AQHA World Show for GoHorseShow and captured many extraordinary moments from a variety of different events throughout the show. Her outstanding sights and sounds video recap of the show earned it the #1 video of the year.

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Number 2

Do-It-Yourself Novice Amateur Wins One of the Largest Classes at Congress

Published on October 23, 2019
Written by GoHorseShow

Everybody loves a comeback story, especially when it involves an underdog. Our feel good story about a do-it-yourself novice amateur who won one of the biggest classes at the largest single breed horse show in the world, became an overnight internet sensation. GoHorseShow readers fell in love with the newly crowned All-American Quarter Horse Congress Champion and her remarkable path with a self-trained 3-year-old that she found on the internet when he was 45 days old.  And that’s just part of this amazing story.

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Number 3

10 Things Confident Exhibitors Won’t Do

Published on April 17, 2019
Written by Cat Guenther for GoHorseShow

The third most popular story for the year 2019 addressed an elusive personality trait. GoHorseShow writer, Cat Guenther recognized that the one thing that separates winners from losers, both in and out of the show pen, is their confidence. She came up with ten things confident riders (and people in general) will not do in their quest for success and it struck a very positive chord with our readers.

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Number 4

Common Bond of Horses Unites Unlikely Friends at Congress

Published on October 17, 2019
Written by Kassidy Lammers for GoHorseShow

At the very beginning of the Congress this year, we were alerted to a fantastic story about a wonderful 11-year-old named Melvin who lived near the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Melvin had sparked an unlikely friendship with the Piper Performance Horses crew and GoHorseShow intern, Kassidy Lammers, was quick to tell us more about this special young man and his love for horses.

GoHorseShow readers were very taken with Melvin and his time spent with the Pipers. Their special friendship put a spotlight on the horse show industry’s unique ability to unite people of all backgrounds behind a common interest. Melvin and the Pipers experienced this first hand, and it truly is a beautiful story.

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Number 5

Horse Show Fashion Dos and Don’t

Published on May 9, 2019
Written by Cat Guenther for GoHorseShow

The month of May is Fashion Month at GoHorseShow and this year, writer Cat Guenther hit it big with her story about horse show fashion dos and don’ts. She asked judges, clothing designers and retailers their opinions about bling, hair, makeup, colors and more. They suggested some basic rules to follow on what to do and what not to do to perfect a 2019 show pen look. These “rules” interested our readers and generated enough internet chatter to make it the 5th most popular story of the year.

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Number 6

How to Compete Against Your Friends

Published on May 30, 2019
Written by Olivia Bradish for GoHorseShow

You’ve been there…the point when you have to compete against your closest friends. Mixing competition and friendship can be challenging and, if not handled correctly, can cause jealousy to arise and tensions to grow. GoHorseShow readers were intrigued by our pointers, ironically written by a high school student, on how to keep the drama to a minimum, and made this story the 6th most popular of the year.

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Number 7

Simple or Flying Lead Change: Does It Really Matter Anymore?

Published on September 4, 2019
Written by Erica Owen for GoHorseShow

Do you think it matters whether you execute a flying or simple lead change in your pattern classes? All-around trainer, Erica Owen from Arizona, asked the opinions of esteemed AQHA judges Holly Hover, Sissy Anderson, and Bruce Army. GoHorseShow readers were particularly interested in what they had to say, enough so to make it the 7th most popular story for 2019.

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Number 8

Leah Anderson and Her Twenty Dollar Dream Horse Ready to Take on the World

Published on July 23, 2019
Written by Sabrina Turner for GoHorseShow

Twenty dollars does not get you much these days; maybe a few months of Netflix, half a tank of gas or drive-thru dinner for you and a friend or two. However, Leah Anderson and her family from Monroe, Washington, took a chance on a donated horse and turned their $20 investment into memories to last a lifetime. Everyone loves a feel-good comeback and their inspiring story earned them the 8th most popular story of the year.

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Number 9

AQHA Executive Committee Modifies Lip Chain Rule

Published on November 2, 2019
Written by The American Quarter Horse Journal

To allow lip chains in AQHA halter classes or to not allow lip chains in AQHA halter classes? That has been the highly debated question for years. In November, AQHA published a story that ran in our Sudden Scoop section announcing that starting in 2020, there would be modifications to the lip chain rule. While some will argue that having more control through the use of lip chains is essential, others say that any type of lip restraint is inhumane. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the topic generated enough buzz to make it the 9th most popular story of the year.

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Number 10

Small Fry Exhibitor Performs Dance Tribute to Honor Fallen Show Horse

Published on February 18, 2019
Written by Megan Ulrich for GoHorseShow

Paying tribute to the loss of a beloved horse can come in many different forms. Seven-year-old Small Fry exhibitor and elite level dancer, Amelia Bidwell chose to honor her her trusty teammate, Oh This Zippo with a tear-jerking dance routine which she choreographed and performed at a competition following his death.

GoHorseShow readers could not help but be moved by this poised young lady, her story and the video of her hauntingly beautiful dance tribute and made it the 10th most popular story in 2019.

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