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5 Looks From Super Bowl Halftime History that are (Almost) Show Ring Ready

Halftime performances are a long-standing football tradition and the upcoming Super Bowl LIV will be sure to wow with performers Shakira and Jennifer Lopez set to take center stage. Some people will tune in for the clash of gridiron champions, while others may hang out at the snack table until commercials catch their eye, but we all know there’s another, more specific subset of a subset of Super Bowl viewers who will be locked in at halftime: horse show fashionistas.

The over-the-top production and enormity of the Super Bowl lends itself to amazing costumes and your social media feeds are sure to be filled with screenshots full of show ring fashion inspiration the day of the big event.

GoHorseShow has compiled a top-five list of Super Bowl halftime fashion moments that are (almost) show-ring ready. Check out this list of looks that dazzled on the field over the years and might just be the inspiration you need for your next show-ring look.

1. Ooh La, Ga Ga Ga

Maybe it was somehow inspired by the Houston location, but however it came to be, when Lady Gaga headlined the February 5th, 2017 Super Bowl, she looked ready for the show pen (minus boots, a hat, and a pair of pants). Her look featured the flattering lines, monochromatic color scheme, attention to detail, popping shoulders, and amazing sparkle that are a trademark in many high-end horsemanship and showmanship outfits.

A GaGa costume change brought us yet another look that can be seen in all kinds of arenas, the cropped top. At horse shows, this look can be most frequently found in Western Pleasure, Trail, and Western Riding events, but the bolero has the staying power to match any singer’s impressive pipes.

2. Keeping it Classic

In 2014, Bruno Mars had to follow up the performance Beyonce laid down the year before (don’t worry, we’ll get to Bey’s Super Bowl look in a bit). There’s no doubt that his classic suit and tie wowed viewers with perfect tailoring and exquisite fabrics. In recent years, the suit and tie look has seen a huge surge in popularity in the showmanship pen, and not just for one type of competitor. Exhibitors of all ages and genders are opting for customized, well-fitted suits to keep the focus on the skills they’ll be showcasing, just like Mars did for his Super Bowl halftime show.

3. Easy as ABC (123)

Michael Jackson and interesting, risque fashion choices went hand-in-hand. In 1993, he brought down the house with an epic halftime celebration that included two iconic looks that were ahead of their time, show ring wise. The first look we’ll break down is the bold black and gold criss-cross military-style jacket he rocked for the first part of the show. The color combination and the criss-cross design elevated this look from basic black to anything but.

Next up, in another bold move, Jackson went from gold sparkle to crisp, clean button-down. Judges and exhibitors alike appreciate the return to fundamentals that a crisp, fitted button-down signals. Just make sure to actually button yours and wear it tucked in.

4. Battle Ready

Beyonce’s 2013 look may look a little familiar, as it definitely calls back Jackson’s look from twenty years prior. We’ll focus on what’s updated here: the choice of leather and the use of shells (and her dancers leather ensembles featured studs). When you think about your show look, don’t be afraid to think outside of the crystal box. Non-traditional embellishments can be a unique way to add both texture and individuality to any outfit.

5. Game Over

Okay, okay, this isn’t a halftime performance costume, but we can’t leave out the most iconic styling element of any football game, can we? Referees, by requirement, must don one of the simplest ways to make a bold statement: stripes. While you don’t need to stick to black and white like the pros do, you can snag some stripes to add a bit more authority to your presence.

Do you have a favorite show outfit inspired by the Super Bowl or a major fashion moment? Let us know.

About the Author: A lover of horses who loves to write, Rachel Kooiker competes in all-around Amateur events with her APHA gelding, Hoos Real. Together with her husband, Drew, they operate Kooiker Show Horses, where they stand APHA World Champion, Im the Secret and raise select APHA Halter and Performance prospects.