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We Ask Exhibitors: What Would Your Horse Get You for Christmas?

The holiday season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving has passed, and everyone is gearing up for the next big holiday. Christmas time is filled with gifts, being surrounded by loved ones and parties with friends and family. Our fellow barn members spend many hours, days, and weeks with their horses every year, and they are considered part of the family.

GoHorseShow asked exhibitors in the industry what they believe their horse would get them for Christmas. While it may give you some revelations about the horse, it will probably give you more insight into their owners…read their fun answers below. Happy Holidays everyone!

Lauren Stanley – Rooster would get me a week-long vacation (where he could come too) in the Scottsdale area. He and I both love the warm weather, and both don’t do so well in the cold. So a trip to someplace warm and horsey would be a dream come true. Winter is not our friend.


Emma Garcia – I think my horse, Cory would probably get me a spa gift card so I won’t be so tense the next time I ride him. My rescue horse, Fuego, would get me plane tickets to Hawaii so he can have the winter off.


Rachel Kooiker – My gelding, Larry would probably get me a couple of things for Christmas. He would invest in some Bluetooth headphones so that he doesn’t have to listen to my music while we ride. Next, he would love to get me a metronome to count strides better while we’re jumping.


Scott Reinartz – I know my horse, Hank would give me horse treats for Christmas. He knows I would not eat them so that I would give them to him. 


Cathy Corrigan Frank – Frank would buy me every bag/box of peppermints on the planet. He knows that minty fresh breath is essential, and his choice has NOTHING to do with him loving peppermints more than life itself.


Shelby Ratliff – Oh gosh, Willy would probably get me food… to give him. (laughs)


Riley Dosa – I think my horse, Preston would get me a treadmill because I always complain to him that I’m so out of breath from riding.






Tali Terlizzi – I would hope that my horses all chipped in and got me a money tree for Christmas. (laughs)





Emma Edwards – For the holidays, I think my horse, Jack would get me a plane ticket to see him since I’m in college in Texas and he’s in California. It can be tricky with my hectic college schedule to get to see him. I also think he would gift me a massive bag of his favorite peppermints and make sure I shared them with him.



Samatha Ihde Faust – If Hazel could get me something for Christmas, it would probably be an easy bake oven for horse cookies so I could bake her all the cookies.



Taylor Kungle – I think Fabio would probably buy me some hair products so our manes could blow in the wind together.



Kathy Tobin – Hopefully, my horse would give me peppermints too.


Leena Volmer – The first question did not even require any thought from me: Bosco would give me a treadmill for Christmas so I could get in better shape and be able to keep up with him in showmanship. He thinks I need to run faster. Marvin, on the other hand, would buy me a comfy sofa so we could both just lay on the couch and do nothing but be couch potatoes.



Emma Brown – I feel like Brett knows me pretty well, so I’m sure he’d either get me something from Harris or Stella Show Clothing. I love all things shiny, and so does he, so it’s a win-win.



Lana Markway – Lexi has a thing that she doesn’t like her ears touched. However, she is getting better, but I think she gets sick of me trying to play with them all the time. So, if she were to buy me a gift, it would be something to distract me from grabbing for those ears.


Meredith Landy – I think if Sly were able to get me a Christmas present, he would get me gift cards for an airline or two, and Uber and Lyft. On the last day of a long horse show, I imagine he’s wondering when my flight is leaving and hoping it will be soon.  “Don’t you have a plane to catch, Mom?”


Jenna Tolson – My mare would gift me with a bottle of champagne, without a doubt.  I find showing a lot less stressful, and I don’t nitpick at her near as much when I’ve had a little pre-show bubbly to calm my nerves!. Scarlett hates to be continuously bothered, and I’ve always had trouble channeling nervous energy.  We’re not a great combo in that way.  It turns out, a mimosa (or two) that is “extra light” on the OJ is the secret sauce for us both to leave the show pen as happy campers.  Besides, there’s never a wrong time to have champagne.

Kari Craft – Gone Viral would get me another “Machine Made” broodmare for Christmas to make a bunch more Monkey babies. Not only because he knows that Machine Made is one of my all-time favorite stallions, after him, of course, but he also knows that he would get another beautiful girlfriend for a Christmas present too. It’s a win-win for both of us.


Johnna Letchworth – I’m pretty sure Whiskey would get me a perfect curry comb to use on him. He loves to be brushed, and of course, he’d send me a bag of treats, knowing I would have to feed them to him.




Julie Hoefling – I think my horse, Lucky would get me some clementine oranges so I could, in turn, give them back to him. This is his favorite treat, so I would think he’d want them on hand at all times. I also think if he could do anything to give me, it would be the ability to get my spot and see my distances a little better in the trail, so he didn’t have to help me so much. But that’s why I love him.