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Dixie National Judges Announced

The Mississippi Quarter Horse Association is pleased to announce the judges selected for the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show, February 11-16, 2020 in Jackson, MS.

Gi Gi Bailey – WI
Karen Banister – CO
Tony Burris – NC
Bob Kail – AZ
Patrick Kayser – TN
Allen Mitchells – IN
Gary Reynolds – TX
Pam Scott – FL
Andrea Simons – TX
John Tuckey – KY

EWD Judges February 4 & 5, 2020 in Jackson, MS

Clay Cavinder – MS
L.G. Heier – LA
Shawn Hays – MS
Chele McGauly – LA

Brooks Derryberry, President of the Mississippi Quarter Horse Association says “We are very pleased with the talent this group of individuals brings to the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show. We are extremely grateful to the EWD judges who are VOLUNTEERING their time, along with many other volunteers, so we can continue to offer our EWD show as a FREE EVENT for exhibitors. We look forward to seeing everyone in Jackson, MS, February 4 & 5 for our EWD Show and February 11-16, 2020.”

CLICK HERE for more information on the 2020 Dixie Nationals.