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GoMag: July AQHYA World Show Issue Online Now

If the July AQHYA World Show Issue of GoMag is any indication, the future of our industry is very bright. The July issue of GoMag features many top teams including both 13 and under and 14 through 18 year-old AQHYA World Championship Show competitors from all over the country.

For many, the month of July kicks off the much-anticipated countdown to the AQHYA World Championship Show in Oklahoma City. Whether it’s their first trip through the Gateway of Champions, or they are a Youth World Show veteran, this event is an experience filled with treasured memories that these girls and boys will never forget. We wish each of them the very best of luck.

GoHorseShow is thrilled to have 2019 AQHYA President Olivia Tordoff of Powell, Ohio featured on the July AQHYA World Show cover of GoMag. Until today, Olivia, who is competing in her final Youth World with Lookin Lazy and Too Blazin Cool, had no idea she would be featured on the cover. She thought she was just being quoted for a daily GoHorseShow article.

“Surprise!” says Olivia’s mother, Shari Tordoff, who, along with her husband, Greg kept it a secret from their oldest daughter. And what a surprise it is…a gorgeous cover of Olivia with her retired unicorn, Sterling Assets. Olivia’s parents wanted to give their daughter a special gift to celebrate her incredible youth career.

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About the Cover

In her final youth year, 18-year-old Olivia Tordoff has had an illustrious youth career highlighted by three AQHYA World Championship and 18 Congress Championship titles. However, these wins are not what Olivia believes are her standout moments during her youth career; instead, she says it is her time as AQHYA President.

“Being the Youth President is such an amazing honor and I have enjoyed it so much,” Olivia shares. “Many of the past Presidents are my best friends and I know they will be part of my life forever.”

Olivia reflects on the family aspect of showing throughout her youth career, “I have also been so lucky to have such an amazing barn family. Brent Tincher and his family have treated us like family. I will miss showing with my sister the most. It’s always a great feeling knowing your sister is in the pen with you.”

Tordoff says that her fondest memory from the AQHYA World Show was in 2017 when she won the Horsemanship on Sterling Version. “I had just lost my Grandma and she made me promise that I would ‘lay it all out there,’ and we did. That was probably the most incredible day of my life.”

Olivia’s Trainer, Brent Tincher (pictured left) adds his sentiments, “I have never seen a youth work as hard as Olivia. She’s always the first one there in the morning cleaning stalls, helping feed or saddling horses and is often the last one there at night. Her integrity, work ethic, and her dorky humor will take her far in life. I’m so proud of her.”

“Thank you to every person who encouraged me, who pushed me, who hugged me and even just said hi,” Olivia reflects. “Every step hasn’t been easy, but it has been an incredible ride. I also want to encourage every little horse-crazy girl who thinks they can’t, to ‘dream big’ as my mom always tells me…nothing is unattainable!”

Shari Tordoff sent her daughter this lovely message:

Olivia, words can never express our love for you. We told you if you follow your passion and work hard, your dreams will come true, and life is just beginning for you. Your accolades in the show pen are incredible, but what we are most proud of is the young woman you have become. Your integrity, loyalty, and commitment to being the best, inspire so many around you, including us. It hasn’t always been easy, but you have handled the ups and the downs with pure grace. Your commitment to being true to who you are is inspiring. Don’t ever let that go. Take the world by the horns and enjoy the ride. Dream big, baby girl. There is nothing you can’t accomplish!

At her last Youth World, Olivia will be showing Lookin Lazy (Mariah) in the western horsemanship and Too Blazin Cool (Willy) in the hunter under saddle and equitation. Tordoff also plans to show Mariah as an amateur competitor.  We wish her the best of luck at the show and in her future endeavors.

Cover Design: Courtsey Promotions – Photos: Kirstie Marie Photography

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