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Kimes Kandids & Go-To Place for Everything 2019 AjPHA World Show

The AjPHA Youth World Championship Show is the premier show for top young exhibitors and their talented Paint horses, and the 2019 event is stacking up to be THE event for equestrians of all levels and interests. The show takes place June 24th through July 7th in Fort Worth, Texas.

Although most of the action during the 14-day event will take place in the horse show arena, the AjPHA Youth World Show is not solely about kids showing their horses. The Youth Team Tournament aligns groups of kids from the same state or region in several kinds of fun competitions with kids from other areas, both on and off of their horses.

We have posted the “Go-To Links” to the show to make it easy to navigate where you want to go.


CLICK HERE for Main Page

CLICK HERE for candids kindly taken by Kirstie Marie Photography and others and sponsored by Kimes Ranch

CLICK HERE for Schedule

CLICK HERE for Live Stream

CLICK HERE for Pattern Book

CLICK HERE for Working Order

CLICK HERE for Results


CLICK HERE for Entries

CLICK HERE for Show Services

CLICK HERE for Premium Book

Also, download the Horse Show Tracker Ap to keep up with the latest news, results and more starting June 26th.