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Five Reasons to Stay on the Horse Show Grounds

“Where are you staying?” That is often one of the first questions we ask our fellow exhibitors when we see them at a show. The answers vary between numerous hotels, the occasional Air BnB, and a select few elect to stay on the grounds.

Why would you want to stay on the show grounds when there are so many other options available?

Below we will delve into five reasons why staying on the show grounds, whether in a motorhome or living quarters, is a wonderful adventure that, after one experience, could leave you hooked.


The biggest perk of staying on the grounds is the convenience that it provides. You are within walking distance of your horse, the arena, and the vendors. Time is saved by not having to drive twenty minutes to your hotel each morning and night (which adds up to forty extra minutes of sleep). Being within walking distance also comes in handy on show days that have a short break to take a nap. It’s also essential for hot summer shows when you need to sit in the air conditioning for a few minutes to cool off before gearing up for your next class. If you need to check your horse’s water before going to bed or feed early in the morning, they are a short walk away from you.


While a big part of going to horse shows is the dining experience, staying on the grounds allows you to combine your dining out experience with your regular at home meal prep. A healthy breakfast is possible without having to swing into a quick drive through on the way to the grounds. As mentioned earlier, being within walking distance of your refrigerator also means that you can bring food from home or have pre-prepped food waiting for you to reheat. This not only saves money, but it can help you stay on track with your meals and fuel your body with the best ingredients for the day.


Lodging during a horse show can add up in a hurry. Staying in your horse trailer or in a motor home (even if rented) can be a tremendous cost saving opportunity. RV hookups often cost somewhere in the double digits each night while most hotels are in the triple digits. Add on the gas and possibly rental car fees and staying on the grounds can mean significant savings. By having a fridge, saving leftovers and eating them the next day is possible. Pre-packed meals from home are much cheaper on average as well.


After a long day of horse shows, the best feeling is to be able to sit down and relax with friends and talk about the day’s events while dreaming of the future. What better way to do this than by inviting a few friends to walk over to your trailer and sit down for a bit. If the weather is nice, you can barbeque and converse over food. As the sun sets, all of you can enjoy the stars above and the sounds of the horses eating their dinners and resting in their stalls around you.


The beauty of having your camper or trailer is the ability to make it a home away from home. Small touches can be added to make you feel comfortable. Flowers and picture frames can be added to counters. Candle warmers can add a cozy touch without having to worry about an open flame. Bed sheets and pillows that are just like the ones you have at home can help ensure that you will wake up feeling rested the next morning. It is so relaxing to walk into your home on wheels and look around and feel that immediate comfort of familiarity.

Whether you own a trailer that you can drive to a show, or whether you plan on renting one for the weekend, there are so many benefits to staying on the grounds. Plan on gathering up a few friends for the next horse show to park next to so that together, you can reap the benefits of friendship, cost saving, and convenience.

About the Author – Lauren Stanley has been involved with horses in various ways her entire life. She currently competes in the Amateur All Around events on her beloved partner, Extremely Good Stuff. When Lauren isn’t riding, she spends her free time cooking up new creations to share with friends and family.