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Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ESMR) – Continuing A Tradition of Excellence 

Alan Donnell and Dave Frisbie founded Equine Sports Medicine with the goal of “providing the highest quality care to equine athletes,” says Dr. Sherry Johnson. Keeping that tradition going is still the purpose of this growing business.

Nephew of Alan Donnell and co-owner of Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ESMR), Dr. Josh Donnell, says, “We’re here for the horse and to provide quality service as seamlessly as possible.” Dr. Josh and his fellow co-owners, Dr. Cameron Stoudt and Dr. Sherry Johnson, work hard to maintain the two founder’s original mission.

Meet the new owners

Dr. Josh Donnell grew up in Canyon, Texas rodeoing, roping, and steer wrestling. He went to West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) and then to Texas A&M University (TAMU) Vet School. Donnell completed his internship at the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital in Australia. He then went on to complete the Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation residency at Colorado State University (CSU) before becoming a Diplomat in the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (DACVSMR).

Dr. Cameron Stoudt spent most of her teenage years riding her stepfather’s ranch horses on Montana’s trails. In college, she was captain of her Women’s Tennis team at Oklahoma State University (OSU) where she also earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Cameron completed her one-year internship and three-year surgical residency at Texas Equine Hospital in Bryan, Texas and continued as an associate for ten years before joining ESMR.

Dr. Sherry Johnson was raised in Iowa on a row crop farm, spending most of her childhood on the back of a horse. She attended veterinary school at Iowa State University. Dr. Johnson did her Internship at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala (EMCO). She then completed the Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation residency at Colorado State University, became DACVSMR-board certified and has transitioned into a Ph.D. program focused on rehabilitation modalities related to tendon healing.

Dr. Sherry Johnson and Dr. Josh Donnell both trained under the guidance of Alan Donnell and Dave Frisbie. After Josh and Dr. Stoudt married, the three co-owners decided to buy Equine Sports Medicine with the intent of growing and expanding the practice to become Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ESMR).

The three co-owners came together to achieve a common goal – to provide the best quality surgery and sports medicine services to the equine athlete. Donnell says they bought Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation to continue a tradition of excellence. “It is our mission to continue to develop this business devoted to the western performance equine athlete.”


While on the road, ESMR takes a global approach to assess the equine athlete. Dr. Stoudt explained, “Our job is to provide a service that covers all sports medicine services, surgeries and general health care for the equine athlete.”

Most of their business consists of lameness exams, pre-purchase exams, colic cases, lacerations, performance evaluations, and advanced imaging, including x-rays and ultrasound. “Our goal is to support the equine athlete while competing, when and where they need it most,” explains Dr. Johnson.

At the home-base of ESMR in northern Texas – the practice is expanding to include both surgery and rehabilitation services. The fully equipped rehabilitation center offers customized plans for a spectrum of both healthy and injured athletic horses. Services include aquatic therapy and all aspects of physical therapy tailored for a horse’s specific rehabilitation goal.

The surgical center is still under construction but is expected to be complete by Fall 2019. With the mobile sports medicine practice, surgical facility and rehabilitation center, ESMR is poised to provide the highest quality care for your equine athlete from injury to recovery.

Dr. Johnson explains, “Rehabilitation isn’t one size fits all. Each horse’s road to recovery is different – and their rehabilitation plan should reflect that.”

What makes Equine Sports Medicine Rehabilitation different from other practices?

Dr. Josh Donnell says Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation is singular in that “We have boarded specialists, and we provide a residency program for the further development of veterinary residents. We also have one of the only fully equipped mobile veterinary service trucks.”

With this mobile service, they call “The Trailer,” Dr. Donnell and his team are on the road roughly two-hundred days out of the year. This stellar vet team goes to horse shows all over the nation, but mostly NRHA and AQHA shows. Dr. Johnson says some of her favorite shows to work at are the Arizona Sun Circuit and the NSBA World Show.


Dr. Josh Donnell says his goals for ESMR are to “provide the best possible service at horse shows and continue to support the equine athlete with surgery if necessary and customized rehabilitation.” All of the co-owners agree, “We want to provide the absolute best quality care in relation to sports medicine and the equine athlete, and to provide a service to the clients that is second to none.” remarked Dr. Stoudt.

The quality of care that the Equine Sports Medicine Rehabilitation team offers is incomparable. They are friendly, efficient, and do their best to get your horse back to being its best. The team creates a specific plan for each patient to make sure it meets the needs of the horses and owners alike.

Dr. Cameron Stoudt explains that the most rewarding part of her job is working with clients and their horses. “I love seeing horses that were injured or sick get back at the top of their game.”

Equine Sports Medicine will be attending the AQHA Youth World, NSBA World, AQHA Select World, APHA World, All American QH Congress, AQHA Open World Show and the NRHA Futurity for the rest of 2019.

For more information about ESMR – visit

Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ESMR)
326 Orchard Rd.
Whitesboro, TX 76273

About the Author: Lauren Pursley is a devoted youth equestrian showing in the all-around events with her horse Lovin Some Lazy Lola. Lauren is the current Texas Quarter Horse Youth Association Reporter.  In addition to competing in AQHA shows, Lauren competes in Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) horse shows, 4H Horse Judging and is a member of the 4H Veterinary Science Club. Lauren enjoys working with horses, writing about horses, and equine photography.