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Carolina Paint Horse Clubs Hosts Successful SE Championship

“Despite the heat, the Carolina Paint Horse Club had a great turn out in Williamston, NC, where we hosted the most extensive offering of APHA Championship classes,” says the show’s manager, Amanda Palmer. “Exhibitors enjoyed complimentary breakfast and a fully catered BBQ dinner, along with circuit awards for every class. The show boasted over 3550 APHA entries, to six judges over three days. The attendance at this show was almost three times the size of the show from 2018. Our club wants to thank all our sponsors as without them the great food and prizes we provided would have never been possible. The Carolina Paint Horse Club is already planning and looking forward to this show in 2020 and hopes to see all our exhibitors join us next year.”

Congratulations to all the APHA SE Championship winners.  Thanks to all our class sponsors who made the offering of all these classes possible CPHC appreciates all of your support.

Solid Paint Bred Stallions – Cassandra Beutke Hill  & The Pleasure Guru
Performance Stallions – Jaime Foutty  & Salt on the Rocks
Amateur Geldings – Jesse Baum & Syndicated
Amateur Performance Geldings – Terry Giles & As If
All-Age Geldings – Lily Kennedy & Believe Im Radical
3yr Old Geldings – Jesse Baum & Syndicated
Amateur Over Color – Terry Giles & As If
Amateur Performance Mares – Cindy Foster-Warthen & Sheeza Good Machine
Open All-Age Mares – Haley Wright Cunningham & Hot Fire and Style
Amateur Walk-Trot Showmanship – Angie Carter & Hypnotizer
Novice Youth Showmanship – Gracie Thompson & Exotic Chip
Novice Amateur Showmanship – Jillian Sinclair & Heza PepperJack
Youth Showmanship – Lilly Kennedy & Believe Im Radical
Amateur Showmanship – Isabel Schueppel & Cowboy in Me
Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle – Madeline Smith & Dean of the Arts
Junior Hunter Under Saddle – Lauren Bork & The Manhattan Club
Amateur Hunter Under Saddle – Cindy Foster-Warthen & The Grease Monkey
Novice Amateur Equitation – Lara Parker & Zippin on a Scotch
Youth Equitation – Gracie Thompson & Exotic Chip
Amateur Equitation – Lara Parker & Zippin on a Scotch
Amateur Walk-Trot Trail – John Arias & Zippo and me
Green Trail – Ann Turner & As If
Amateur Trail – Lisette Gardner Arias & Zippo and Me
Yearling Lunge Line – Lori Kruzich Smith & Salt On the Rocks
2yr Old Lunge Line – Cassandra Beutke Hill & The Pleasure Guru
Amateur Walk-Trot Western Pleasure – Tracey Rogers & Red Eagles Wingman
Junior Western Pleasure – Stephanie Moore & Got Good Vitals
Youth Western Pleasure – Lily Kennedy & Believe Im Radical
Youth Horsemanship – Gracie Thompson & Exotic Chip
Amateur Horsemanship – Lara Parker & Zippin on a Scotch
Open Ranch Riding – Kathy McQuaig & Son of a Sensation
Open Ranch Rail Pleasure – Cassandra Beutke Hill & Pleasureiffic

View a slideshow of pictures from the show provided by the Carolina Paint Horse Club and Steve Pelzer