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We Ask The Industry: What is Your Favorite Non-Congress or World Horse Show?

The end of each show season is full of fantastic opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their hard-earned success. The Quarter Horse Congress and World Championship Shows are held close to the conclusion of every show season, each providing exhibitors the chance to compete against top competitors from around the world. For this reason and many more, these shows tend to rank first when exhibitors are asked about their favorite shows.

However, it would be nearly impossible for an exhibitor to enjoy the success that they have spent their season chasing without the shows they attend during the spring and summer to prepare. Each show offers something different – from attractive class sizes to beautiful venues, and everything in between – there is always something that keeps exhibitors coming back year after year.

As this show season begins to kick into full swing, and these shows start to roll around once again, we had the chance to sit down with a variety of exhibitors and discuss their favorite shows they attend each year…other than the Congress and World Shows.

Kylee Wiseman – My favorite show besides the Congress and AQHYA World Show is the Tom Powers. At the Powers, everything is so calm. The weather is usually fantastic, and it takes place at a great location where there is room to drive golf carts, socialize, ride, and wash the horses. The camping area under the trees is a great place to cook out and have friends and family over. There are multiple arenas for riding, lunging, and ponying. The show arena is incredible because there is a grass patch in the middle where you line up for placings, and it is special to me for some reason. The sale is also a significant factor because it allows you to see all of the upcoming show horses.

Emma Edwards – My favorite horse show that isn’t the Congress or the World Show would be the Sun N Surf in Del Mar. The Del Mar Horse Park is a great outdoor facility, and the weather is usually 75 and sunny with a slight breeze – perfect weather for outdoor showing. Another bonus is that there are so many great restaurants to choose from, and if you are lucky enough to have the Doubletree as the horse show hotel, there are warm chocolate chip cookies every night. Also, when you are finished showing, you can head to the beach since its right down the road.


Farley McLendon
– I love going to Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a vast change in scenery, and the weather has been great for the last few years. I love showing in their arenas. My favorite restaurant, Mastros, is there too.





Beth Case – The Big A, because the numbers are always good, there’s plenty of places to ride, and it’s usually hot there, and horses always act right when it’s hot. The show management at this show is excellent too.




Taylor Gumz – My favorite non-World Show shows are at C Bar C in Cloverdale, Indiana. The class sizes are always good, and the show atmosphere is relaxed. As a vendor, the facility is accommodating, and it’s easy to set up. They have a lovely rooftop bar/restaurant nearby as well.




Blake Carney – I’m very thankful to have a group that likes to go out of our area and show horses. I love showing at the Copper Country Paint O Rama (or any show in Scottsdale, Arizona). Since we live in Georgia, we haven’t been there many times, but I have been fortunate enough to be out there three or four different times for events. The landscape and background for showing are breathtaking, and of course, it’s nice to show far away from our common area.

Gracie Himes
– My favorite show has to be The Big A. The facility is very well kept, and there’s an abundance of arenas to ride in. The equestrian complex hosted the 1996 Olympic Equestrian Events. An Equine Production runs the show in an organized manner, and the staff is always so friendly. The show has a wide variety of significant awards and numerous opportunities to win them. It’s such an exhibitor-friendly show. There are multiple exhibitor parties held throughout the show, and lots of food is provided every day. There are also a variety of events organized for kids and adults. The show has a positive atmosphere, large classes, and great competition.

Charlie Cole – My favorite show is The Sun N Surf Circuit in Del Mar, California every May. I’ve been going to that show for many years; I even showed youth at that show. Clay Macleod runs the show, and he knows how to make a show fun and get it done in a nice time so that we can enjoy being there. Del Mar is right on the beach, and it is an immaculate and beautiful town. There are great restaurants and lots to do in the area. The classes are excellent sized, and there are great awards as well.


Jenn Wheeler – I would have to say that my favorite show is the Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas. I love the schedule. Having the amateurs and youth show separate from the open riders is excellent as it gives us a lot of time to prepare, and it is stress-free. The awards are fantastic, we’ve won a saddle two years in a row, and we usually get most of our needed points there too. I love that we get to see our friends and fellow trainers from other states, it’s nice to be able to visit with them. The convenience of showing at the South Point is always great. It’s such a well thought out facility and is always accommodating. Jan and her staff do a great job putting on such an exhibitor-friendly show, it’s nice that she always asks for input and truly tries to make it a fun and successful show for all.

Joe Whitt – The Madness is my favorite. It is very well run and takes place at a fantastic show grounds. There are big classes, great competition, and plenty of riding space to prepare and practice. The housing option at the grounds is excellent, and a great alternative to hotels.



Jojo Roberson – My favorite show would probably have to be the Arizona Sun Circuit. I’ve gone for the past two years, and both years, the weather has been fantastic. They also make it a fun show. Each day they have different games to play to win some fabulous prizes such as iPads, Shorty’s Hats, chaps, and more. Every time I go to the show, I have a blast.



What’s your favorite non-World/Congress show?

About the Author: Kassidy Lammers is a Junior in high school from Ohio. She has been showing Quarter Horses for six years and has been a member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association for five years. She hopes to continue her equestrian career at the collegiate level.