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Fashion Encore: Judge Scott Neuman Shares His Love of Fashion and Photography

College Professor and Judge Scott Neuman of Billings, Montana has been judging AQHA shows for 20 years and teaching at Rocky Mountain College for 24. Neuman has also forayed into other avenues in the horse industry, including training and managing horse shows. What you may not know is that Scott loves photography and taking pictures at the shows.

“I’m not a photographer,” Neuman states. “I take and post pics to convey a positive message and to encourage participation in all equestrian activities. I like using social media because I have a chance to promote horse shows, promote horse activities as an educational and fun passion. Social media gives me the chance to reach people who I would never have the opportunity to contact on a personal level.”

Neuman believes that all fashion is an expression of who you are. “It reflects a persons likes and dislike, their individuality and gives even the timid a way to express something about their personality,” he says.

As a judge, Scott says that he has gained a bit of perspective into fashion and he says that view grows as the number of exhibitors he watches increases.

“I think it’s always important for exhibitors to remember that first and foremost, judges are evaluating your performance. Fashion is one aspect of your performance. Properly fitting, clean clothing certainly cannot enhance your performance, but it will serve you well if the fit or cleanliness doesn’t detract.”

Neuman adds, “As for the cost of clothing, for me, as in all areas of life, wear what makes you happy. I would never tell anyone how much they should spend. I would tell them that you’ll look your best when you feel good about yourself. Never compare your fashion choices to someone else’s. Like your personality, so is your choice in fashion. Unique and distinctly you.”

Watch the slideshow below of some of Scott’s fashion related images