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Emily Schexnayder Miller’s Style: Family, Home, and Horses

The 6th Annual Fashion Issue of GoMag features the stunning combination of Emily Miller and her black mare, Sheza Potential Diva.  Epitomizing fashion both in and out of the arena, Emily’s sense of style is based more in her lifestyle than the clothing she wears.  And she caries that style throughout the many facets of her life, in several shapes and sizes.

“My horse show style is completely different from my every day style.  At the horse shows, the more the merrier when it comes to decoration on my show clothes,” Emily states. “I want to stand out, which is completely different from my every day look. My personal style is less is more. My clothes tend to be simple, and I love to accessorize with jewelry and a great handbag.”

But don’t let this Louisiana native’s beauty and southern charm fool you, “I’m not the stereotypical southern belle,” insists Miller. “I am an avid outdoorsman and it’s my lifestyle. My passion is hunting, fishing and horses.”

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