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AQHA Level 1 East All-Around Winners

After five days of competition May 1-5, all-around and high-point winners were named at the 2019 Nutrena East AQHA Level 1 Championships in Wilmington, Ohio.

Level 1 Amateur All-Around
1. Taylor Kungle of Oneco, Connecticut, and Krymsun Belle
2. Stacey Hibbert of Thornville, Ohio, and The Master of Deskys
3. Sarah Longworth of Delaware, Ohio, and Interesting Venture

Western High-Point – Mallory Wachob of Chardon, Ohio, and How Bout At Midnight

English High-Point – Heather Bell of Liverpool, New York, and Another Gray Brother

Level 1 Youth 14-18 All-Around
1. Haley Cunningham of Fort Pierce, Florida, and No Longer Captive
2. Jacqueline Horlings of Ada, Michigan, and Gotta Minute
3. Terri Anne Irvine of Waimha, New Zealand, and Loping For Assets

Western High-Point– Emme Lantis of Corunna, Michigan, and Inkryminating

English High-Point– Jessica Garvin of Sandusky, Ohio, and One Hot Kuervo

Level 1 Youth 13-&-Under All-Around
1. Lillian Laney of Rosebush, Michigan, and The Only Deal
2. Isabella Buckley of Preston, Connecticut, and Roses Only
3. Ella Mae Thompson of Kinsman, Ohio, and Lopen Assets

Western High-Point – Samantha Harvey of Unityville, Pennsylvania, and Icantakeagoodlook

English High-Point – Liberty Pennington of New Concord, Ohio, and Romantic Lass

Level 1 Select All-Around
1. Liz Harris of Melbourne, Florida, and Luke And Invy
2. Catherine Finger of Grayslake, Illinois, and Gotta Knapp For That
3. Gail Brown of Kissimmee, Florida, and Lookin Good In Red

Western High-Point – Suzanne Jones of Walton, Kentucky, and Id Razzle Dazzle

English High-Point – Renee Ann Hopper of East Amherst, New York, and Hez My Valentino

Rookie Amateur All-Around Winner – Zip Me Plenty Good and Jennifer Henry of Springfield, Illinois

Rookie Youth All-Around Winner – No Longer Captive and Haley Cunningham of Fort Pierce, Florida