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A Bit of Advice Part 1 – Selecting the Proper Western Bit

If you have stood in front of the bit wall at the local tack store and wondered which one was your all-around horse’s “magic slipper,” you are not alone.

With each style and brand touting various attributes to help your horse improve, what is the best way to choose one for your horse?

In 2012, The American Quarter Horse Journal consulted with Pete Kyle, who was then an AQHA Professional Horseman and who is now the AQHA Chief Show Officer; AQHA Professional Horseman Robin Frid of Denton, Texas; and AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jackie Krshka of Yukon, Oklahoma, to see what’s in their horses’ mouths.


Starting Out

When first starting a 2-year-old, Pete and Robin prefer to use a snaffle bit.

While Robin says that he usually gets horses in who have at least 90 days under saddle, he still prefers a fat ring snaffle on his youngsters.

“You never really know what kind of horse you’re going to end up with when you first get on,” he says. “A snaffle gives you a little more control if, for some reason, you end up with a horse who needs a little more guidance in the beginning stages. Not all of them are easy to handle right at the beginning. I am not asking a horse to give to a ton of pressure, I’ll just ask him to follow his head.”

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