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Transitions, Lines & Circles – Horse Training With a Plan

Transitions, lines and circles are vital to riding your horse right.

Horsemanship patterns have evolved so that the rider must understand and execute the parts of the pattern so that they become credit-earning rather than zero or penalty-earning. There are three maneuvers that every broke all-around horse should know, and the more disciplined the rider is in practicing the maneuvers, the more disciplined the horse will become in performing these maneuvers.

You have to ride with a plan, and you have to learn to control your horse. Breaking down the patterns into their pieces will give riders confidence in training and showing a horse, while helping them plan their daily workouts and make the most of their riding time.

Here, AQHA Judge and Professional Horseman Doug Huls of Arizona gives advice and some great tips on how to use transitions, straight lines and circles in your plans for riding well.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article from The American Quarter Horse Journal.