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Accomplished Equestrian Turned Police Officer Goes Viral on Social Media

With the Congress over and the AQHA World Show about to start, everyone is pretty much suffering from extreme horse show withdrawals. To lighten the mood, we wanted to feature someone fun in our industry and Becca Walter of Loveland, Colorado came to mind. Walter wears many hats in her community. She is a married mother of two, a police officer and an accomplished equestrian who competes on the AQHA show circuit.

Like many in our industry, Walter started showing horses competitively when she was ten years old. Becca showed Credits For Heaven (Hatch) for nine years and the duo won many impressive titles. “He will always remain my favorite horse of all time,” she shares. When she was 18, her family sold Hatch to the Neiberger Family and she did not show again until last year when she bought her current horse, Passcode.

Passcode (Rowdy) is a six-year-old gelding by VS Code Red who currently competes in the western all-around events. “I was unsure of getting back into showing because Hatch had huge shoes to fill. Rowdy is certainly keeping up and surprises me every day with his talent and kind heart. My kids, Easton (4) and Camden (2), adore him and love to ride every chance they get.”

One of the more exciting things about Becca is that she has been a police officer for the past seven years. “I knew I always wanted to be a police officer. However, it’s a hard field to get into when you are a female. I worked hard and eventually became a cop and haven’t looked back. I am currently in a specialized assignment where I deal with community outreach and I also run the social media for the whole department.”

Which leads to a fun part of her job. Becca recently got her police department involved with a lip sync challenge. “When the whole lip sync challenge was trending, I knew I wanted our agency to get on board,” Becca recalls. “We had a ton of requests from the community and I decided to take the request to my command staff.”

Becca continues, “They were hesitant at first but told me to run with it. I organized the whole project; I just needed officers to join in on the fun. Well, this was the hardest part of all. Getting cops to join in on any dancing or singing is practically impossible. I joke that I had to sell my first child to get a little support from the guy officers,” she says and laughs.

“I happened to be paired up with one of our school resource officers from the summer doing bike patrol in high crime areas,” Walter remembers. “Luckily for me, Officer Brad is one of the more silly, carefree cops, and we were a match made in heaven for this project.”

After a week of planning and four hours of filming, the two had a lip sync challenge video that included their Police Chief, City Mayor, City Manager and “two dorky bike cops.”

The video went viral on social media and has over 732,000 views.

View the fun video below.

GoHorseShow asked Becca what she likes about her job. “Day in and day out, I get suited up in a bulky, hot uniform with a heavy bulletproof vest to go out and try and make a difference in my community, and I love that,” Becca reveals. “Some days, I see more trauma than most people see in their whole life. However, it’s the days where little kids run up to you and hug you and thank you for keeping them safe that keep every police officer thankful for the profession that we chose.”

There is no shortage of fascinating individuals in our industry and Becca is no exception. We look forward to seeing her in the show arena again in 2019.

“I am very excited to have Passcode back in Colorado with Barbie Evans. I will be able to ride more with my busy work schedule and we plan on teaching him the all around classes,” Becca told us. “I am optimistic that 2019 will be our best year yet.”