Make sure your English showing attire is neat, clean and fits correctly. Photo © The American Quarter Horse Journal

English Elegance in Attire

With these English attire tips, you’ll be dressed for horse-showing success the next time you show English classes.

English apparel is not as flashy as the rhinestones and sequins you might see in western pleasure or showmanship classes. The look is elegant and refined, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

AQHA rules leave quite a bit to the imagination, so the Hitching Post helps us point out some helpful tips to make your English dress a success.

In English, the old adage goes: Your riding is what should stand out, not your clothes.

Of course, no matter how flattering your breeches are, you need a solid position and flawless execution to truly wow the judges. And talented English riders are strong in the saddle. Be your best self with the help of AQHA’s Fit to Ride e-book, featuring exercises specifically tailored to equestrians.

Hunt Coat

  • Sleeves should be able to bend at the elbow.
  • The coat length shouldn’t be so long that you sit on the tail in the saddle.
  • The correct sleeve length should be measured with your elbow bent, just like it is when you ride.
  • Colors: stick to navy, browns or gray. Wear a lighter color for outdoor or summer events.
  • Hunt coats come in a lot of different fabrics and designs. Stick to what feels comfortable. It’s OK to try something a little different with patterns, like a subtle windowpane, but just remember this is a traditional event. Conservative is the name of the game.

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