Focus on your breathing while showing, and you’ll receive the same benefits as you would if you’re meditating. Try it! Photo © The American Quarter Horse Journal

Ten Tips to Stay Mentally Focused in the Show Ring

Everyone makes mistakes in the show ring. Many times, people let those mistakes affect the rest of their show experience. But, there are ways to overcome adversity and stay mentally tough in the show ring.

Michigan State University Equine Extension Specialist Karen Waite of East Lansing, Michigan, and trainer Brynne Bassler of Pilot Point, Texas, offer these tips for exhibitors:

1. Take one event at a time.

“I tell my people to take one event at a time,” Brynne says. “Don’t worry about the trail at the end of the day until you get there.”

Although Brynne stresses to her clients the importance of knowing their patterns, many times she won’t allow them to study a pattern until it is almost time for that class.

After an exhibitor completes their class, no matter whether it was a good or bad go, Brynne encourages her clients to reflect on the class…

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