"It's the best feeling in the world when you get a client and their horse to click and work together," Lind states pictured right. Photo © Hannah Lind

Assistant Trainer Spotlight: Hannah Lind of Show Horses by Shannon

Our next assistant trainer spotlight is Hannah Lind of Urbandale, Iowa. Lind currently works for Shannon Vroegh whose facility is located in Woodward, Iowa. Hannah says that they try to split the work load in half as much as possible and usually have about 26 or 27 horses in training.  Some of her duties include banding and braiding, ordering medication, scheduling and giving riding lessons. Lind specializes in the all around events.

Originally from Ottumwa, Iowa, Lind grew up showing 4-H and open shows on a buckskin pony owned by very close family friends.  When she was nine, her parents bought Hannah her first horse.  In 2009 Lind graduated from Simpson with two degrees, one in business management and one in applied philosophy. What is unique about Hannah and Shannon’s relationship is that Hannah started as Vroegh’s youth client then, when her youth career was over, she turned professional and went to work for her.

“The biggest appreciation I have for Hannah is that she cares as much about my business as I do,” Shannon Vroegh told us. “She puts in 110% on every horse. I can remember one time we had a horse we thought we were going to have to give up on, and the people couldn’t afford to get another one. She looked at me and she said I will find something he can do. He won the Congress that year in the showmanship. She also cares about the people as much as the horses. Hannah started with me as a youth kid taking lesson and 15 years later, here we are.”

GoHorseShow wanted to find out more about this hard working professional in our industry. Read more below.

Q: Hi Hannah! Can you tell us when you start showing?
A: I started showing AQHA when I was 12 with Trisha Bird. I had a chestnut mare that we showed in the hunter under saddle. My family and Trish decided we needed a new horse if we were going to continue showing AQHA so we purchased my first show gelding when I was 13. It was later that year Trish decided not to continue her training career, and I started with Shannon Vroegh and her mother Linda Anderson.

Q: What is it you like about horses and showing?
A: It’s the best feeling in the world when you get a client and their horse to click and work together.  I love being a part of the process and watching them become a successful team.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching one of our customers and horses reach their goals under our guidance.

Q: What are some of your favorite accomplishments in the show arena?
A: One of my favorite accomplishments was preparing my little sister, Lily Anderson, to win the walk-trot horsemanship at the Congress when she was nine. She will think this is silly but the walk-trot days are my favorite. She has accomplished so much and become such an amazing horsewoman, but that walk-trot horsemanship championship will always be my favorite.

Q Who are some of your biggest mentors?
A: Shannon has always been my biggest professional mentor. She’s taught me almost everything I know.  The biggest thing I’ve taken from her is to have faith in the program. Some horses will progress slower than others, but if you stay true to the program, they will become the best horse they can within their capabilities.  My mother is also one of my biggest mentors. She’s always been so supportive. She’s been with me every step of the way, from my youth to my professional career.  Not only does she support me on a personal level, she respects both Shannon and I as professionals.

Q: Advice you have for other young trainers?
A: Find a program you have faith in and stick with it.  Be open to constructive criticism and guidance on all sides of the business, not just the riding.

Q: How did you come about working for Shannon? What do you like about working for her?
A: I started with Shannon when I was 13 as one of her students.  After I graduated from high school, I went to college near the facility she trained out of.  After my last year in youth, I took my open card and started working for her while I went to college.  My favorite thing about working for her is that we are a team.  If I’m struggling with something, she takes it and vice versa.  I definitely feel more like family than just an employee.

Q: Why do you think you have been successful in this industry?
A: Not only do we have great relationships with our clients but we have great relationships with other professionals in the industry.

Q: What are some of your future goals?
A: I want our program to continue to support and encourage our customers and their goals.  Their goals are our goals.  I wouldn’t mind adding a few titles to my own resume, just like anyone else, but I love the focus on our non pros and their successes.