Braiding your English horse’s mane gives a sleek and professional look. Photo © Kirstie Marie Photography

Step by Step on How to Braid a Horse’s Mane

Follow these step-by-step horse-showing instructions for braiding a horse’s mane for English classes.

English classes exude class and style. Not surprisingly, what is quick to draw the judge’s eye is a horse and rider who look clean and professional. Neat, tidy mane braids are a means to accomplish that overall look.

 To show you the way, Stacy Lane Huls offers step-by-step advice for braiding horse manes, with the help of three-time AQHA hunter under saddle world champion Blended Choclate as her equine model.

The Supplies

For a picture-perfect braided mane, Stacy suggests that you have the following handy:

  • Stool: Stacy prefers to stand above the horse’s neck level, allowing her hands to work at her waist level while she is braiding. She has found that working with her hands below her, not above, makes for a less-tiring process.
  • Spray bottle: filled with either water or a braiding spray product such as Quic Braid.
  • Yarn: Try to match the color of the yarn as best you can to the color of your horse’s mane.
  • Latch hook: You can find a latch hook at a craft store, generally in the yarn section.
  • Scissors
  • Brush or comb
  • Plastic hair clip with large teeth

Because you’ll be juggling a lot of equipment while you are braiding a mane, Stacy prefers to tie her scissors and latch hook together by a length of string.

“The string will go around your neck and over your shoulders, enabling the scissors and latch hook to dangle in front of you for easy access while mane braiding,” she says.

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